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  • Heritage For the Blind

    Heritage For the Blind

    2.5 (19 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.hftb.org

    "On 8/16 I had my car towed, signed over title of a working vehicle, inwas promised restaurant and hotel vouchers. After car was donated. No more correspondence and or voucher received. I didn't even receive code to sign in on..."

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  • Secret Societys Secrets

    Secret Societys Secrets

    1.0 (3 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.secretsocietyssecrets.com

    "My mom received one of these scam letters in the nursing home. After blaming TV preachers for selling her info, I take that back. She buy a lot of herbal 'cures' and I am 99.9% sure that THAT is how she got put on the sucker list...."

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  • Speakgodspeak


    1.1 (2 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • speakgodspeak.wordpress.com

    "I would like to know how the contact Prophet Chote, I made a sizeable investment back in May 2013 with he offered a 10X return on investment . I have emailed him all through the years, with no success. I would love to receive my..."

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  • March of Dimes

    March of Dimes

    1.0 (6 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.marchofdimes.org

    "We have contacted March of Dimes twice in the last month asking them to quit calling our home. It hasnt stopped and we havent heard anything at all from the organization!"

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  • Impact Ministries

    Impact Ministries

    2.8 (10 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.impactministries.com

    "Tom Stamman is horrible in my experience. When i was about 7 or 8 years old i had issues as a child connecting with authority figures after i was molested by a baby sitter. My mother took me to a "Tom Stamman tent revival" put on..."

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  • Boys and Girls Clubs of America

    Boys and Girls Clubs of America

    1.9 (9 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • bgca.org

    "When I was nine, my mom signed me up for Boys and Girls Club in Linda Vista for 6 weeks. At first, the staff just seemed strict, but then they did stuff that was just unreasonable. Here is a list of some of the things they did:

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  • Habitat For Humanity

    Habitat For Humanity

    1.2 (13 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.habitat.org

    "Habitat for humanity was a good idea but they quickly became a for profit entity hiding under a non profit. Beware of these scam artists. I gave them a one star rating because I wasn't given the option to give them less."

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  • 32BJ SEIU

    32BJ SEIU

    1.3 (6 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.seiu32bj.org

    "The building (1771 Monroe ave Bronx ny) with a member of your union.
    Mr.Raphel Galva, is the Maintenance person who works here part- time, when this building is gear to have a person in the building 8hrs day.
    He works at another loc..."

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  • OneBlood


    2.4 (11 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.oneblood.org

    "2nd time eCard sent to an email that was shortened. So it didn't got to my email. The portal doesn't allow to correct the email and gives notice of eCard being claimed. No way of getting in touch though email on the site it just..."

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  • United Way

    United Way

    1.1 (7 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.unitedway.org

    "I phoned in to ask if they were open on Thursday after I had just driven up there and no one was there, the online information stated the hours, and it only said not open on Saturday and Sunday. I phoned in and reached a very..."

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