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Non Profit Organizations
  • Goodwill


    1.9 (427 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.goodwill.org

    "I was not able to talk to any customer executive please help me,.....,...................,............."

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  • AARP


    1.5 (189 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.aarp.org

    "Megabucks spent on nonstop soliciting of membership renewals BEFORE membership expires!! Nauseating!!"

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  • YMCA Of The USA

    YMCA Of The USA

    1.8 (152 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.ymca.net

    "I am currently a resident of Currituck county , and live in Moyock , north carolina
    I am a local physician and most of the people in our neighborhood travel to Virginia and work around Hampton Roads, including Chesapeake, Virginia..."

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  • United National Ministry

    United National Ministry

    2.0 (79 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • unministry.org

    "I was advised that my Ordination documents have been mailed. Additionally, one was sent to my e-mail address in a document form. I was unstoppable pull it up . I have sent a couple of e-mails regarding not receiving any..."

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  • Modest Needs Foundation

    Modest Needs Foundation

    1.9 (65 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.modestneeds.org

    "I didn't get a chance to even speak with a person. Just a robot. It told me to email them. I have emailed them a month ago and no answer."

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  • Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood

    2.0 (60 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.plannedparenthood.org

    "Im seriously considering suing Planned Parenthood for discrimination.
    I was TURNED AWAY for saying I have back pain.
    Im a DDD - ofcourse I have back pain!
    The rude receptionist said muscle pain was a sign of Covid therefore she REFUS..."

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  • ChildHelp


    1.7 (49 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.childhelp.org

    "The salesman approached my friend and I, almost frantically and ran across the street to us in order to publicly shame us into donating. After agreeing and donating more and more after being pushed into by the salesman who said..."

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  • Joel Osteen Ministries

    Joel Osteen Ministries

    3.5 (14 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.joelosteen.com

    "Issue was resolved once I called the Joel Osteen customer service line. I had canceled the recurring debit from my computer, but the debit still went through on the monthly date. Once I called customer service, the issue was..."

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  • Emblemhealth


    1.2 (34 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.emblemhealth.com

    "Called customers service to inquire about a call received from Emblem Health.
    The woman answering on behalf of Emblem asked many questions repeatedly the same questions, over and over. When I asked: 'WHY, the response was. That is..."

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  • Benny Hinn Ministries

    Benny Hinn Ministries

    2.6 (9 reviews)
    • Non Profit Organizations
    • www.bennyhinn.org

    "The phone just rang 2 time and was disconnected. Tried several times, the same issue. I don't think the number is still in service."

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