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  • Tunecore


    2.1 (676 reviews)
    • Music stores

    "I am Fabrice, a French producer. In 2018, I submitted a song to Tunecore. In 2021, I requested the removal of this song. Tunecore confirmed to me that the song had been removed in 2021. However, according to Spotify's feedback, th..."

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  • Gaana


    1.7 (497 reviews)
    • Music stores

    "An automatic balance has been cut from my account. Please check this immediately. Furthermore, please refund my balance. I'm not using it for Gaana."

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  • DistroKid


    2.2 (515 reviews)
    • Music stores

    "Guten Tag.
    Mein Name ist Alexander Sadokierski und ich bin der Sänger bei Nr6.
    Philippe Hütter (Drummer) und ich haben bei euch einen Song hochgeladen (Nr6-höchste Zeit).
    Als ich gestern den Clip bei FB/YouTube/Insta hochgeladen h..."

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  • Reverb


    2.0 (511 reviews)
    • Music stores

    "So, I can buy all these things Ive bought off Reverb but you freeze my selling account because I wont let play with credit cards in a fashion that is suspicious to me. Talk to me on the phone. Im done chatting with AI."

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  • ReverbNation


    2.2 (153 reviews)
    • Music stores

    "I lost my buyer's name and shipping address. On June 8th, 2024, someone purchased my Martin #143**** Musician's Friend (RW) Custom 2 on Order # 2059**** on that date. However, his name and shipping address, which I needed, was..."

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  • UnitedMasters


    2.1 (111 reviews)
    • Music stores

    "I've been with United Master for two years. After they took my music down, I've been dealing with these bots. Since I wrote to ask for my account to be deleted, that's been my only problem. I just want the account to be taken..."

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  • Music And Arts

    Music And Arts

    1.7 (152 reviews)
    • Music stores

    "In October 2022 I started a rental contract for a viola and in 2023 when I tried to return it to the third party store Music and Arts works with, they said that I had to pay the instrument in full to return it. I called Music and..."

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  • Guitar Center

    Guitar Center

    2.1 (117 reviews)
    • Music stores

    "I didn't get my tracking info, never did but the thing I was checking on arrived immediately after sending the email. Not pissed just wanted to check something, customer service has actually been great Like"

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  • Musicians Friend

    Musicians Friend

    1.9 (86 reviews)
    • Music stores

    "I ordered a new LSL T style for my first purchase with them since the mid 90s. It came to me not set up at all, and with the bridge pickup, all stripped out. I could not raise or lower the pickup, and it was twisted in the hole...."

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  • American Musical Supply

    American Musical Supply

    2.5 (71 reviews)
    • Music stores

    "I have had nothing but good experiences with this company. I'm still paying off two items that I bought and got a loan on and so far it is made things so much easier on me to have it broken down into small payments and I'm just so..."

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