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  • Tunecore


    2.2 (341 reviews)
    • Music stores
    • www.tunecore.com

    "No answer worst customer service out there Im trying to get into my account and I cant Bc i dont have the phone number on file and need to reset it"

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  • Reverb


    1.9 (189 reviews)
    • Music stores
    • reverb.com

    "DoI put one of my Nitewalker Bass Guitar Tube Preamps on consignment at a music store, and it was sold on Reverb. The customer decided he didnt like the preamp, so Reverb refunded his money. They let him keep the preamp, too!..."

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  • ReverbNation


    2.4 (102 reviews)
    • Music stores
    • www.reverbnation.com

    "when I try to get into my account I get a message stating my email or password is invalid it also states that reverbnation has change my password I've and tried several time to have you send me an email to do a new password with n..."

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  • Music And Arts

    Music And Arts

    1.6 (133 reviews)
    • Music stores
    • www.musicarts.com

    "I paid for four 60 minute in person lessons online. They require that you maintain a credit card on file.
    They were able to schedule 2 in person 30 minute lessons and 1 online 30 minute lesson. They wanted to charge my credit card,..."

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  • Guitar Center

    Guitar Center

    2.1 (90 reviews)
    • Music stores
    • www.guitarcenter.com

    "I went to my local GC which for me is in San Mateo CA for a buy sell and trade event this past Saturday. I took in my Schecter PT which is in brand new condition. The guy who was taking care of me really didn't seem like he liked..."

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  • Musicians Friend

    Musicians Friend

    1.9 (69 reviews)
    • Music stores
    • musiciansfriend.com

    "I need this company to support me on my journey in the guitar world. 20 years ago I had a brain surgery. Well. that did not go so smoothly. I could't talk, walk, hold my balance. oh wait just like a drunk person. LOL. Ever since t..."

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  • American Musical Supply

    American Musical Supply

    3.1 (61 reviews)
    • Music stores
    • www.americanmusical.com

    "I ordered an amp with one day shipping and as of three days later the company cannot tell me where my purchase is! Customer service said that it was FedEx's fault, and they had no control over what FedEx did with the item once it..."

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  • Jim Laabs Music

    Jim Laabs Music

    2.1 (31 reviews)
    • Music stores
    • www.jimlaabsmusic.com

    "I bought a brand new a paolo soprani accordion and the product is very bad"

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  • Sam Ash

    Sam Ash

    1.9 (36 reviews)
    • Music stores
    • www.samash.com

    "I've tried buying multiple items from Sam Ash that show up on their website and it's not until checkout or even after the order has already been made for them to tell me that the item is no longer available.
    Tried to buy two Michae..."

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  • Music Xray

    Music Xray

    1.8 (30 reviews)
    • Music stores
    • www.musicxray.com

    "I paid $10.00 for the industry 'professionals' to rate my song. The song is still waiting for 5 MIPs to rate it after 1 year plus. I have also submitted songs to so-called opportunities and they are never reviewed even though I..."

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