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  • Public Storage

    Public Storage

    1.5 (659 reviews)
    • Moving and Storage
    • www.publicstorage.com

    "I've been waiting at your unit for an hour now. Waiting to get in. I called and talked to someone earlier. I just rented this unit today and I'm locked out. The manager said to speak to the manager on site. There is nobody here..."

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  • UPS Store

    UPS Store

    1.6 (260 reviews)
    • Moving and Storage
    • www.theupsstore.com

    "Dropped off a return at ups store in potsdam ny ste 5..
    I did not have any tape at home..so the guy who took my package rudely said I will do it this time meaning tape my package.. but said it will not ever happen again in a very r..."

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  • PODS


    1.4 (307 reviews)
    • Moving and Storage
    • www.pods.com

    "I was on hold too long. The rep repeated the same information to me repeatedly which was rather robotic and frustrating as that did not resolve the issue. I ask to speak to a supervisor and was asked to hold even longer. The rep..."

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  • CubeSmart


    1.6 (258 reviews)
    • Moving and Storage
    • www.cubesmart.com

    "I've gotten suspended from an auction that I tried multiple times to call the facility and no answer they claim they tried calling me which is not true. I purchased over 40 units I don't feel it is right that the people did not..."

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  • Extra Space Storage

    Extra Space Storage

    1.7 (256 reviews)
    • Moving and Storage
    • www.extraspace.com

    "There's people there that should not be there they are passing items 5hru the gate. Like they have no code to get into the unit This is Thanksgiving and at 5:00 they were there loading up a truck and u haul but they are on the..."

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  • Life Storage

    Life Storage

    1.5 (233 reviews)
    • Moving and Storage
    • www.lifestorage.com

    ". This lady that Ive post to the file sits at work posting to her facebook peoples accounts. Work should be kept at work . I spoke to a valire Felix this am and she was very rude to me. She went through my things and kept..."

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  • Moving Help

    Moving Help

    1.5 (180 reviews)
    • Moving and Storage
    • www.movinghelp.com

    "Im calling to confirm that my services with you all are canceled cause it looks like I was still charged for services I didnt receive"

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  • All My Sons Moving And Storage

    All My Sons Moving And Storage

    1.3 (127 reviews)
    • Moving and Storage
    • www.allmysons.com

    We had a binding contract, yet as soon as they had our home packed up in their truck they called asking for more money. They advised they would need to break shipment into two parts and the second shipment would..."

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  • Colonial Van Lines

    Colonial Van Lines

    1.2 (94 reviews)
    • Moving and Storage
    • colonialvanlines.com

    "I swear their "good reviews" must be by paid shills. Our disaster didn't happen until after we moved. The initial movers could barely speak English, missed a bunch of items, didn't offer me additional insurance (which I never knew..."

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  • Starving Students Movers

    Starving Students Movers

    1.1 (36 reviews)
    • Moving and Storage
    • www.ssmovers.com

    "I was fine with the $50 non refundable deposit. But they took out $100,and i live on a fixed income. I called a a lady said Id br getting it back in 5-7 days. I called again and now im told ill get a email. Well i cant wait i..."

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