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  • JustAnswer


    2.0 (327 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.justanswer.com

    "They advertise $1 and charge you $37 without any notice - or it's buried somewhere. Total scam. And then they won't give you your money back. Stay away from this site -DO NOT USE!!!!!"

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  • ESPN


    1.9 (168 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.espn.com

    "I have a pre-existing monthly membership with ESPN+ yet on September 9th I was charged for an additional yearly subscription for $69.99. I did not authorise this transaction and I would like to be refunded. I have tried speaking..."

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  • Newsmax


    2.5 (153 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.newsmax.com

    "I have an 11 year old daughter they goes to Oklahoma Middle School. She is now refusing to wear her master School and she is fighting for the student body 2 not wearmaster school claims it should be a personal choice in the..."

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  • American Broadcasting Company

    American Broadcasting Company

    1.7 (110 reviews)
    • Media
    • abc.go.com

    As a white man Im curious as to what a white boy summer is? Sounds kind of racist and Im quite offended. Thanks for your time.

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  • Investigation Discovery

    Investigation Discovery

    2.4 (126 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.investigationdiscovery.com

    "We don't need background music at all!! But, at least remix the soundtrack so that the viewer can actually hear the dialogue THANKS"

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  • CNBC


    2.2 (99 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.cnbc.com

    "I as a parent have not received no ctc at all irs stated in the beginning that they where going to go off of the previous years but they have lead people on parents are depending on this money they transfer you for person to..."

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  • NBC


    1.5 (104 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.nbc.com

    "Ignoring news stories is not telling the news the only time I can get the full picture on anything is if I watch Fox no wonder they're the number one news Network you're not the only one CBS and ABC and CNN MSNBC they're all in..."

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  • History Channel

    History Channel

    2.2 (120 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.history.com

    "Both oak island and roannoak shows have this loud music i guess for dramatic effect. It covers up the dialogue. You can enjoy the program because of the distracting music"

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  • Audible


    2.2 (159 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.audible.com

    "You charged me for something I didn't want!!!
    15.90 on credit card ending in 5564
    Christopher Nadeau
    Please reverse the charge on that card.
    Thanks again for your help today."

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  • Handyman Club Of America

    Handyman Club Of America

    1.6 (150 reviews)
    • Media
    • www.scout.com

    "Found my lifetime membership paperwork, wondering what happened.
    I noticed my fiancé had an issue of the Family Handyman magazine and it reminded me of the club I joined through them years ago. I paid $359 for a lifetime membership..."

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