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  • SpaceX


    2.0 (153 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • spacex.com

    "Brand new installation. Router does not power up. No light turns on. The power unit light is on. Router appears "dead." Please advise my options."

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  • Cummins Onan

    Cummins Onan

    1.8 (44 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • www.cumminsonanstore.com

    "I tried to talk about buying another generator and all i got was sending me to another site to pY someone."

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  • Otis Elevator

    Otis Elevator

    1.5 (46 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • www.otis.com

    "To quote a six stop elevator on a new building but I called 3 times but I guess Otis dont need new customers so I give up , in case my number is (732) 996-**** Tony santos Pax construction long branch nj 07740"

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  • Missouri Wind And Solar

    Missouri Wind And Solar

    2.6 (46 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • windandsolar.com

    "Customer service AAA+ THEY GO THE EXTRA MILE AND when you call with a question and you leave a voice mail,they actually call you back in short order"

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  • Global Engines

    Global Engines

    3.8 (19 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • www.globalengines.co.uk

    "It was my first visit there. They replaced my Range Rover Sport engine within the quoted time and budget. no hesitation in recommending them."

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  • Hurricane Wind Power

    Hurricane Wind Power

    2.0 (12 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • www.hurricanewindpower.com

    "The guy running this place is a scammer if Ive ever seen. Glad I paid with PayPal and they noticed what was going on.
    After 3 days I noticed I still havent received an order confirmation from the vendor. I called and called but all..."

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  • Extreme Oxygen Products

    Extreme Oxygen Products

    1.3 (5 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • www.moreoxy.com

    "1. Pulls more electricity than stated, blowing breakers constantly. When I contacted them about it, they informed me it's impossible and the problem must be on my end. When I put it on the amp meter, the amp draw was more than wha..."

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  • SolarTek Systems USA

    SolarTek Systems USA

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • www.solarteksystemsusa.com

    "Promises made and promise broken. I'm wondering if Brant has a heartbeat. There is nothing positive to say about the representation of this company. If your rep has an 843-3**-**?? number then find another company to provide your..."

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  • Parker Aircraft Sales

    Parker Aircraft Sales

    3.3 (6 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • parkeraircraft.com

    "I have had several deals over the years and all good in a very tough market of old aircraft
    Jeff knows the Navajo market well and will be a big help.
    As its harder and harder to find good aircraft you need someone with experience"

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  • Thermodyne Hydrogen Appliances

    Thermodyne Hydrogen Appliances

    1.2 (4 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • hydrogenappliances.com

    "The entire front of the bracket cracked leaving the generator head free to fall and injure someone. You would think that someone when confronted with having a safety hazard on the market would want to get the product back. Not..."

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