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  • Missouri Wind And Solar

    Missouri Wind And Solar

    2.7 (45 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • mwands.com

    "I made a purchase online from MWANDS, and it arrived surprisingly quickly. I had an issue with the product, at which time I called their support number and was given knowledgeable assistance and information. I was also offered a r..."

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  • Cummins Onan

    Cummins Onan

    2.1 (34 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • www.cumminsonanstore.com

    "Have a Onan energy command 30 that has a mind of its own. At first the Onan would only run for 10 sec then shut off. Then after a week it ran OK, except it would start by itself. Happened in the middle of night. I jammed a small..."

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  • Global Engines

    Global Engines

    4.0 (18 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • www.globalengines.co.uk

    "Getting my Audi A8 engine reconditioned from here was made very simple and stress free, would use again."

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  • Extreme Oxygen

    Extreme Oxygen

    1.3 (5 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • www.moreoxy.com

    "1. Pulls more electricity than stated, blowing breakers constantly. When I contacted them about it, they informed me it's impossible and the problem must be on my end. When I put it on the amp meter, the amp draw was more than wha..."

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  • SolarTek Systems USA

    SolarTek Systems USA

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • www.solarteksystemsusa.com

    "Promises made and promise broken. I'm wondering if Brant has a heartbeat. There is nothing positive to say about the representation of this company. If your rep has an 843-3**-**?? number then find another company to provide your..."

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  • Thermodyne Hydrogen Appliances

    Thermodyne Hydrogen Appliances

    1.1 (4 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • hydrogenappliances.com

    "The entire front of the bracket cracked leaving the generator head free to fall and injure someone. You would think that someone when confronted with having a safety hazard on the market would want to get the product back. Not..."

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  • Parker Aircraft Sales

    Parker Aircraft Sales

    1.2 (2 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • parkeraircraft.com

    "Tried calling on a plane and made an offer. Phone goes to voicemail and just doesn’t seem right. Being in the business as a dealer myself I can tell you this guy is a flat out crook! Avoid at all costs"

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  • Mardel Souza

    Mardel Souza

    3.6 (3 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • www.mardelsouza.com

    "Mardel Souza and ausasolar.com American Made Solar and Wind Technologies is known in the solar industry as a ripoff artist. He takes pictures and ideas from other peoples websites and posts them on his. Mr. Alejandro Pena big..."

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  • Roy Hill

    Roy Hill

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • www.royhill.com.au

    "JON BOWKER and ROY HILL IRON ORE are in the Business of stuffing people around giving the Company & Mining industry an Appalling image displaying incompetence whom implements Worst practice sourcing strategy bringing the..."

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  • One Block Off the Grid

    One Block Off the Grid

    • Mechanical Engineering
    • 1bog.org

    "Made an appointment with them. They did not call me on time. I called them instead and was told the appointment was delayed for 10 minutes. Eventually, the guy at 1bog called me and pushed solar city on me. And the price was the..."

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