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  • The Sacramento Bee

    The Sacramento Bee

    1.6 (72 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.sacbee.com

    "i am 82 years old and i have never seen a company ignore complaints like the sacramento bee. i have been a customer of both freasno and sacramento bee for over 50 years. its like you do not care what we think i have never gotten..."

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  • Times Herald Record

    Times Herald Record

    1.8 (66 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.recordonline.com

    "Cant reach anyone, phone cuts you off after waiting a long time, paper has deteriorated in its coverage, delivery and intelligence-has dumbed down."

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  • Prevention Magazine

    Prevention Magazine

    2.3 (50 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.prevention.com

    "I wrote to Prevention Magazine on 7/17/21. You asked the status.
    I have heard Nothing. I have received two invoices requesting payment, but received none of my merchandise."

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  • Magazine Service Center

    Magazine Service Center

    1.5 (43 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.magazineservicecenter.biz

    "Magazines was order in May; 2 of magazines arrived in July. Need to cancel order for refund. Never use this service again.DDon't ddd"

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  • Harpertom


    1.1 (67 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.harpertom.com

    "I ordered Harry Potter Books that never came"

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  • Newspaper Archive

    Newspaper Archive

    1.5 (42 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.newspaperarchive.com

    "Hi yes i never did a free trial on this and it took the money off my card i need a refund because it was taken out our bill money"

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  • Valuemags


    1.8 (24 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.valuemags.com

    "I recieved a note from value mag. They said they will refund my payment for Model Airplane News which they advertised but never started the subscription that was paid to paypal"

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  • Tampa Bay Times

    Tampa Bay Times

    2.0 (65 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.tampabay.com

    "Was contacted by customer service at the TBT the very next day. They explained their problem and what solution they had moving forward."

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  • Eber And Wein Publishing

    Eber And Wein Publishing

    1.9 (47 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.eberandwein.com

    "iI tried to send my poem into Eber &;;;;;;;;;;; Wein but with all the stipulations
    you have to abide by it is way out of place! When you finish the poem and you hit submit icon you can only hit the submit once which is really a..."

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  • Country Living

    Country Living

    2.1 (39 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.countryliving.com

    "SadI ordered Country Living on May 19th. and never received any of my magazines, I paid by check the amount of $12.00. Would you please check on my subscription? If you can not find it, I would like to cancel and would like a..."

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