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  • People Magazine

    People Magazine

    2.5 (886 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing

    "I was supposed to be getting a free subscription to People magazine via Shoppers' Voice. No magazine has arrived. Please check into this for me. Thank you."

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  • North American Hunting Club

    North American Hunting Club

    1.3 (834 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.scout.com

    "I have been a life time member since May 2000. I don't get anything anymore about what's going on. I need a new life time member card, and my free gifts i haven't been getting. Please respond back promptly. Thank you Donald Abbott"

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  • North American Fishing Club

    North American Fishing Club

    1.4 (447 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.scout.com

    "I would like to start receiving my monthly magazine and gifts again! Please Respond Phone # 1(75*)***-****
    Email ed.radke@***.com. Please Respond I am a Severely Disabled Veteran and I always enjoyed receiving it! Thank You in adva..."

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  • Xlibris


    1.6 (242 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.xlibris.com

    "In 2020 I published two books with Xlibris. In January of 2022 I legally severed all ties with them. This is because they refused to pay me my royalties. Xlibris signed a legal document that they would take my books off the..."

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  • The Grand Rapids Press

    The Grand Rapids Press

    2.0 (251 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.mlive.com

    "Delivered to neighbors across the street but missed us. Kinda strange?? I never know if this missed paper is credited or not."

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  • The Arizona Republic

    The Arizona Republic

    1.8 (225 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.azcentral.com

    "Its not my problem its your problem. You took payment for my home delivery subscription and as an ex DC Manager I fail to see why it is taking this long to start my subscription after taking the payment. Thank You for your attenti..."

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  • Time Magazine

    Time Magazine

    2.0 (202 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.time.com

    "Usually Time gives notice when subscription runs out. I have been getting Time for more than 10 years and Time just stopped delivery with no notice. Guess they don't need my business!!!"

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  • Barnes And Noble

    Barnes And Noble

    1.8 (200 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.barnesandnoble.com

    "They transfer the call and after hang out the phone...if you not want respond the phone, don't answer Sarcastic"

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  • Authorhouse


    1.7 (140 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.authorhouse.com

    My name is Dror Rofe.
    In November 2021, I contacted Ms. Kelly Allison for book writing.
    Ms. Allison sold me on the premium package. At that time, I
    paid in full $7500.
    I believe the order number is 90805****.
    I had some trouble co..."

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  • Motor Trend

    Motor Trend

    2.1 (189 reviews)
    • Periodicals & Publishing
    • www.motortrend.com

    "Where is *** rides. I got motor trend app for current shows not shows from 2017 or 2019. We are paying why not gives us closer to current shows"

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