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  • Samsonite


    1.9 (137 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • www.samsonite.com

    "They got my payment on my credit card but I did not received any email confirmation about my ordered last night. Until now I havent received it that why I am calling your assistance to send me an email confirmation about my order..."

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  • Hook And Albert

    Hook And Albert

    1.4 (48 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • www.hookandalbert.com

    "I don't want to change my account ..I like my bank and I want to keep it..Also it seems like 50 is taking out my account..I would like to have that off my account and don't want the money.. Sorry. Miss understanding..I don't want..."

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  • American Tourister

    American Tourister

    1.7 (55 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • shop.americantourister.com

    "My trolley damage plz change the trolley bags and provide the costumer care .I give trolley survives center"

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  • TravelPro


    2.5 (91 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • www.travelpro.com

    "Their website customer service "Contact Us" does not allow for a general email to be sent unless you have a warranty, order or shipping issue.
    If you try calling them they state that if you press "*" they will call you back - never..."

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  • Delsey


    1.6 (62 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • www.delsey.com

    "I have a suitcase which is damaged
    How can I get it replaced or repaired
    I love your product
    I dont know what happened
    I dont know I have warranty I think I read about 10 year warranty"

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  • Away Luggage

    Away Luggage

    2.1 (42 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • www.awaytravel.com

    "Need a live agent! Really surprised customer service is this automated & responses take 1-2 days via email. I travel tomorrow & its alot of steps to reach you not to mention not reaching you before I travel. Not impressed."

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  • Loungefly


    2.1 (44 reviews)
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • loungefly.com

    "Waited for two hours and no respond trying to get information about an order I place and nothing horrible service!!!"

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  • Hartmann Luggage

    Hartmann Luggage

    2.5 (18 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • shop.hartmann.com

    "Ive owned a Hartmann Hugh 27 Expandable XL Tweed luggage and a Rolling Leather Laptop Carry on luggage. Both luggage have problems on the wheels shell was torn off. I would like to know the size of the wheel and prices for orderin..."

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  • Monos


    1.9 (15 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • monos.com

    "Eventually responded to one of their daily advertisements emails, to get an inquiry number 385275
    But no mention of my enquiry no any advice as to how to contact them"

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  • High Sierra

    High Sierra

    2.4 (10 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • shop.highsierra.com

    "A backpack issue which I bought from Bentley store at a mall and they told me to contact high sierra for refund or exchange of the bag which got ripped within 5 years of warranty period."

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