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  • Samsonite


    1.7 (125 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • www.samsonite.com

    "Left a phone message for a call back. We want to purchase a 16-17 Underseat Spinner Tote in Caribbean Blue"

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  • American Tourister

    American Tourister

    1.7 (37 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • shop.americantourister.com

    "I ordered from shop.americantourister set of 2 suitcases, purple colour, hard shaped. That was near ~150$. Then they told me (web site) that order not confirmed, try later. I checked my bank account and they took my money, not..."

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  • TravelPro


    2.1 (40 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • www.travelpro.com

    "I bought two TravelPro 24" suitcases. Both suitcases have been used six times. One registered 3.25.21 and the other 6/23/21. Style # TP8027K. Please advise what can be done to have these strips partial torn off repaired. I..."

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  • Away Luggage

    Away Luggage

    2.1 (19 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • www.awaytravel.com

    "Ups tracking indicates luggage was delivered. It is not at my home. We have now missed my daughters birthday. What can we do to expedite shipment and deliver to us by Friday?"

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  • Hartmann Luggage

    Hartmann Luggage

    1.9 (10 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • shop.hartmann.com

    "A barely used Hartmann suitcase has a defective strap. I wrote the company & included photos of the strap and the rest of the suitcase which is in perfect condition & requested either a replacement strap or a new suitcase. What..."

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  • Delsey


    1.8 (12 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • www.delsey.com

    "My name is Ariel Jordan. I purchase a DELSEY BLUE SHADOW 5.0 from Macy store in New York. Within days one of the wheels brook which I find outrageous. Ive tried to return the suitcase to Macy and been inform there is 5 years world..."

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  • High Sierra

    High Sierra

    2.2 (8 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • shop.highsierra.com

    "The inner chain of my bag is not working and its cover is torn and its tires make a lot of noise while i traveling with my league nd its creating a sound mostly on hard ground."

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  • eBags


    2.0 (12 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • www.ebags.com

    "Lost my combination xxxxxttttteeeeuuuuyyytrrroooppplbgggtgtfdddsx. Nbbjligvdadevvnbkjcvdrhjjvvdhjgvf"

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  • Luggage Forward

    Luggage Forward

    1.1 (8 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • www.luggageforward.com

    "I paid a large fee with the guarantee my luuage would be in my state room, worry free for an 18 day cruise. It took 3 days to confirm my luggage was lost. Customer service/problem solving has been non-existent. Their hours are so..."

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  • Victorinox


    3.3 (3 reviews)
    • Luggage
    • www.victorinox.com

    "ExI wanted to exchange a new bag I got in July of this year (Lisbon airport) but I guess you don't take exchanges?"

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