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  • Pennymac


    1.4 (365 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.pennymac.com

    "Penny mac is having tech problems with there Penny mac phone payment center, I hope this helps you resolve the problem"

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  • Cenlar


    1.3 (267 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.cenlar.com

    "My late brother's estate is undergoing probate in CA. Documents showing my sister as the court appointed administrator, death certificate were sent July 2021. To this date, CENLAR has not updated their records, reviewed my brother..."

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  • Westlake Financial Services

    Westlake Financial Services

    1.4 (182 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.westlakefinancial.com

    "Bob Hyundai Motor wasn't on the up and up trying to sell a car with extensive hail damage and not reporting it to the finance department So I think it's wrong to get a car then turn all your paper work and the finance department..."

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  • Lending Club

    Lending Club

    2.0 (258 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.lendingclub.com

    "Loan not disburse. Please let me know my loan application status.
    I need money today because I am in hospital."

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  • Ditech


    1.3 (279 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.ditech.com

    "I mailed a certified letter to you with a return receipt and when I track it it says carrier did not get it signed for, it was concerning a lien on my property"

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  • Credit Acceptance

    Credit Acceptance

    1.7 (198 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.creditacceptance.com

    "My boyfriend owed only one paycheck on a 2017 Camaro when he was arrested for false allegations. The arrest had nothing to do with Credit Acceptance, however, when the car was ultimately repossessed, it contained personal..."

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  • ShellPoint Mortgage Servicing

    ShellPoint Mortgage Servicing

    1.2 (283 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.shellpointmtg.com

    "Shellpoint has added insult to injury. They have recently attempted more extortion attempting to charge me more for insurance already paid for"

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  • Nationstar Mortgage

    Nationstar Mortgage

    1.3 (275 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages

    "Nation Star is nothing more than a call center, similar to an online college, one is not dealing with the real deal when calling in to this "mortgage service". One would think that the person they are speaking to about their..."

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  • PHH Mortgage

    PHH Mortgage

    1.3 (279 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.phhmortgage.com

    "I've provided all information that was required and the situation is still not resolved after a month and I'm not happy with your company"

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  • CashNow Ai

    CashNow Ai

    2.7 (147 reviews)
    • Loans and Mortgages
    • www.cashnow.ai

    "My I'd was expired I upload already my new I'd but it's showing I'll have to wait 2 days but it's going to be 5 days now I want to do cash now"

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