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  • Lexington Law

    Lexington Law

    1.9 (233 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.lexingtonlaw.com

    "I was billed 24.95 called and cancelled servicei I was then billed another 34.73 to cancel my service .I will never use or refer them to anyone. The worst service for credit repair.ever. Agents are from another country when you..."

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  • Binder And Binder

    Binder And Binder

    1.8 (157 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.binderandbinder.com

    "Medicare recovery is telling me to pay $9000 for an accident case 1/16/06 which I hired an atty for."

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  • Cordell And Cordell

    Cordell And Cordell

    1.4 (209 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.cordellcordell.com

    "I don't know where i should start, me and my husband hired Stephen to represent me and help me to get my 2 years old son primary custody. But before we even started that process, we had to go thru Emergency temporary custody becau..."

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  • Myler Disability

    Myler Disability

    4.1 (121 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.mylerdisability.com

    "Thanks for trusting us with your case!"

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  • Morgan And Morgan

    Morgan And Morgan

    1.2 (169 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.forthepeople.com

    "i reached out to them 3 times about my case and i am an americansno with disablities iaskes about something that happened in 2018 and how my rights were volated they sent me on a run around i have been schooling myself on all the..."

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  • The Ticket Clinic

    The Ticket Clinic

    1.5 (89 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.ticketclinic.com

    "The attorney went to court for me to fight a speeding ticket and simply asked the officer if he had the documents to verify the type of speed radar equipment he used, the officer said "yes", so then the attorney went straight for..."

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  • LegalZoom


    2.6 (101 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.legalzoom.com

    "My husband is being charged monthly after trying by phone 3 times to cancel. He was assured that he would not be charged again. He has been charged monthly even after mailing a certified letter to please STOP. Do not sign up for..."

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  • Legalshield


    1.8 (104 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.legalshield.com

    "submit a case on 3/8/21 for help Legalshield Firm did not reply back to me until 4/8/2021. An informed petitioner that she only had 14days to submit paperwork. it was over 30 days before said firm call me back (now and it ththtoo..."

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  • Attorney Dan Newlin

    Attorney Dan Newlin

    4.9 (65 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.newlinlaw.com

    "Dear Ms. Walters,

    Please contact me on my cell phone, we cannot find you or any matter similar in our database. I am confident whatever bill you are referring to was paid, please call me directly on my cell phone at 407-496-1936 I..."

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  • Prince Law Firm

    Prince Law Firm

    1.2 (48 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.princelawfirm.com

    "I was taken for 1300 was told they went bankrupt them self's shady shisters"

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