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  • Lexington Law

    Lexington Law

    2.1 (273 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.lexingtonlaw.com

    "Always charging my card and I don't know when they supposed to? I liked to know when and how much I'm being charged"

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  • Binder And Binder

    Binder And Binder

    1.8 (157 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.binderandbinder.com

    "I used Binder & Binder to get SSDI. My main complaint is they would shift my case from person to person and one lady was just plain rude. I spoke with a supervisor and said: "Either you handle my case yourself or give me only one..."

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  • Cordell And Cordell

    Cordell And Cordell

    1.3 (223 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • cordellcordell.com

    "Billing is ridiculous - get the run-around with every question. Took month to simply have them close my account after my issue was resolved. Still waiting for the refund of the money I had to put into escrow with them.
    Got charged..."

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  • Morgan And Morgan

    Morgan And Morgan

    1.3 (224 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.forthepeople.com

    "I'm blind in my right eye and filing an appeal with Social Security Dissability. I have tried for one month to contact my Case Developer, Ms. Chrisann Smith, via email and phone with no success. She never answers her phone and..."

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  • Myler Disability

    Myler Disability

    2.9 (121 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.mylerdisability.com

    "Thanks for trusting us with your case!"

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  • LegalZoom


    2.4 (155 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.legalzoom.com

    "I need to send legalzoom a copy of my story for copyright support. I need to receive both the email address and the physical address for legalzoom.
    Email. thomas555****@***.com

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  • The Ticket Clinic

    The Ticket Clinic

    1.4 (91 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.ticketclinic.com

    "This place is a joke. Hired them to fight a ticket and they fought the ticket without hearing my side of the story or from a witness. This is 100% misrepresented.. asked for the attorney to contact me to submit proof and always..."

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  • LegalShield


    1.9 (132 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.legalshield.com

    "Would never recommend them!!! Not going to give you more details because Ive gone over this a thousand times. Take it or leave it!!!"

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  • Attorney Dan Newlin

    Attorney Dan Newlin

    5.0 (66 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.newlinlaw.com

    "I was involved in accident on my birthday I immediately called Dan Newlin and I'm greatful to Mrs. Monica Vandevar my attorney and her assistant for a job well done"

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  • Prince Law Firm

    Prince Law Firm

    1.1 (48 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.princelawfirm.com

    "I was taken for 1300 was told they went bankrupt them self's shady shisters"

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