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  • Lexington Law

    Lexington Law

    1.9 (242 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.lexingtonlaw.com

    "Lexington Law is a waste of money the letters sent are generated not written. The paralegals are 20 year kids that read from a script. Should I say more or is this enough. Truly just google how to establish credit and get a..."

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  • Binder And Binder

    Binder And Binder

    1.8 (157 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.binderandbinder.com

    "My facebook account has been locked My Facebook account has been locked. I have also
    submitted my identity but after 24 hours no reply
    been received, please check your system.And unlock
    facebook account as soon as possible.

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  • Cordell And Cordell

    Cordell And Cordell

    1.3 (217 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • cordellcordell.com

    "The absolute worse divorce firm in the country. Overcharged, misrepresented & gave more away than needed to be. Never gave suggestions. Communication cost me a lot even when they were doing absolutely nothing. Almost $40,000..."

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  • Myler Disability

    Myler Disability

    2.8 (121 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.mylerdisability.com

    "Thanks for trusting us with your case!"

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  • Morgan And Morgan

    Morgan And Morgan

    1.2 (196 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.forthepeople.com

    "I can't even begin to tell you have disappointed I am with my case. I was in a car accident October of 2020 and this case is still going! I have had 3 different lawyers over the corse of 2 years. What happened was I was rear ended..."

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  • The Ticket Clinic

    The Ticket Clinic

    1.5 (89 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.ticketclinic.com

    "Retained Ticket Clinic for $600 due to a ticket I received during COVID lockdown. Every time I went to court I was told it was rescheduled due to covid( total of 6 times) Finally I receive a letter after 1 year that i missed some..."

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  • LegalShield


    1.8 (123 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.legalshield.com

    "This is in relation to the North Carolina office. Talking to them was unpleasant and a complete waste of time. The first attorney I talked to began yelling at me because I was trying to get him to let me explain my issue. He..."

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  • LegalZoom


    1.5 (118 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.legalzoom.com

    "I wanted to take my DBA further and used legal zoom, they informed me they take monthly payments, and I asked before they just go pulling money out of my account, if they could clear it with me first, they told that's not a..."

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  • Attorney Dan Newlin

    Attorney Dan Newlin

    5.0 (66 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.newlinlaw.com

    "Man took the stop sign and ran into us. My wife got the worst of the injury and had to be taken by ambulance"

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  • Prince Law Firm

    Prince Law Firm

    1.2 (48 reviews)
    • Lawyers and Legal Services
    • www.princelawfirm.com

    "I was taken for 1300 was told they went bankrupt them self's shady shisters"

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