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  • Nuwave Oven

    Nuwave Oven

    2.9 (613 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.nuwaveoven.com

    "have returned nu wave and have proof it has been received ; how do I get my refund?I ordered it using a credit card that was hacked so had to drop card but I need the refund to go to another credit card how can this be done/"

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  • KitchenAid


    1.6 (436 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.kitchenaid.com

    "Glide wheels for top rack broke on April 5, 2021; impossible to get replacement part. ETA for arrival always weeks in the future,
    Trying to call the company is a day's project as you are in a circular automated maze.
    The most helpfu..."

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  • Gotham Steel

    Gotham Steel

    1.7 (295 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.gothamsteel.com

    "After about 2 months food started sticking and burning...and the clean up as is told on your commercials became non-existence. They now stick and one actually has burn marks that cannot be removed. I loved them at first....but..."

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  • Wolfgang Puck

    Wolfgang Puck

    1.8 (158 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.wolfgangpuck.com

    "Nothing happened. Id like to clean the underneath of the pitcher. It stinks. I purchased this blender and barely use it. I put my smoothly ingredients in and it made a beautiful drink. But when I started pouring I smelled a..."

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  • Bella Housewares

    Bella Housewares

    1.6 (158 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.bellahousewares.com

    "CASE NUMBER 192-8****
    Contacted company still waiting for a replacement.....over a month now."

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  • Hamilton Beach

    Hamilton Beach

    1.8 (142 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.hamiltonbeach.com

    "When I called the help center they just told me to write an email. They did not give an email address. A phone recording told me I could write to their company by post
    I can't get the #%# lid off of the food processor. This company..."

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  • NuWave Now

    NuWave Now

    2.0 (135 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.nuwavenow.com

    "purchased an air fryer and the company replaced the faulty unit with a new one but I had to pay for shipping. Noe the replacement quit working and they replaced it and shipping was free"

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  • Tupperware


    1.8 (129 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.tupperware.com

    "I have tried to get a lid replaced on a Tupperware container. I have called several times with no resolution. I then had to join their site and send in a claim with all pertinent info and still no resolution. Tupperware makes it..."

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  • Healthmaster


    1.8 (55 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.myhealthmaster.com

    "i purchased a tempurpedic bed for my husband in march from ashley furniture and was hoping it would help him sleep as he is in need of hip and shoulder surgery and is in agony. the bed made it worse. what a nightmare. i need to ge..."

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  • Oster


    2.0 (101 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.oster.com

    "My oster microwave could not be returned because I had it over 90 days. Due to Covid I never unpacked it till yesterday. When I plugged it in and started it there was a terrible rattle. I want to know if oster will stand behind..."

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