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  • Nuwave Oven

    Nuwave Oven

    2.9 (614 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.nuwaveoven.com

    "my indicator wont reset from 2:00 min.and the 'time' indicator is flashing in the little readout window- ive tried unplugging it 2x and pressing the buttons to try to get it to reset and NADA - HELP!! PLZ"

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  • KitchenAid


    1.6 (450 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.kitchenaid.com

    "I purchased a kitchenmaid ice maker in 2019 (2yrs old) It was $3000! The pump is broke and to replace is nearly $900.00
    I feel an appliance should last more than 2 years! No break on parts or fixing! I'm not a happy consumer!"

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  • Gotham Steel

    Gotham Steel

    1.7 (307 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.gothamsteel.com

    "I ordered a set of hammer head pots and pans also I paid for the bakeware set. Infect bed the pots and pans today but the bakeware set was not in he box."

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  • Pit Boss

    Pit Boss

    2.4 (196 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • pitboss-grills.com

    "The gas fuel wouldn't ignite. The customer service representative sggested that I clean the fuel rail. It worked!


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  • Bella Housewares

    Bella Housewares

    1.6 (161 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.bellahousewares.com

    "The black coating to my Bella 18 quart roaster pan is coming off. Do you sell new inserts for these roaster pan?"

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  • Wolfgang Puck

    Wolfgang Puck

    1.8 (160 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.wolfgangpuck.com

    "I need the insert model number wpsc 0010 it cracked and it's leaking out the bottom of the insert the ceramic insert and I need a replacement and I can't find one that's why I contacted you all"

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  • Hamilton Beach

    Hamilton Beach

    1.7 (150 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.hamiltonbeach.com

    "The whisk I did not use for long time but when I beat it came out so I need to get one of that please can u please help me this is my number 413459**** thanx you"

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  • NuWave Now

    NuWave Now

    2.0 (140 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.nuwavenow.com

    "I purchased 2, 13 quart nuwave pressure cookers to make soup.
    One works fine. The other looses power once it gets hot and the power and display returns once it cools off. When I emailed the company I was directed to a sight that wa..."

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  • Tupperware


    1.7 (135 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.tupperware.com

    "My order never came, I was charged for it but it never showed up. And I cancelled another order I put in on accident and never refund a refund when I called for one two weeks ago."

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  • WebstaurantStore


    2.2 (123 reviews)
    • Kitchen and Cooking
    • www.webstaurantstore.com

    "i am sorry i did not contact you on pissed off. now i am getting pissed of having to write more than i want to ."

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