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  • PatPat


    2.1 (855 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • www.patpat.com

    "I Oder some clothes its wrong adress o GURDIAL SINGH, WARD NO -03
    AJNALA, PUNJAB 143102
    India its my correct address"

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  • The Childrens Place

    The Childrens Place

    2.1 (656 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • www.childrensplace.com

    "I am still waiting on my item or my refund cause I didn't get my stuff and it not right I spent 118.00 I need my stuff or my money back"

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  • Screaming Owl

    Screaming Owl

    1.9 (430 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • screamingowl.com

    "This company put the wrong address in my order. Have made several attempts to get ahold of the. By phone and email with no response. I have called my post office and they told me tough *** Called my bank to have payment reversed...."

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  • Once Upon A Child

    Once Upon A Child

    1.9 (279 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • www.onceuponachild.com

    "What resources do hold from start? How long do train employees? Last final thought share with you such hard time finding dedicated employees want to work and there compassion, and understanding what retail sector involves guess..."

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  • Toys R Us

    Toys R Us

    1.8 (154 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • www.toysrus.com

    "I recently ordered items online and several days later I received notice some were on backorder. I received a partial order shipment that was missing items I was charged for. I notified customer service and they are looking into..."

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  • Grandmas Gift Shop

    Grandmas Gift Shop

    1.2 (150 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • grandmasgiftshop.com

    "I am unable to enter a new method of payment. I'm not sure what Stripe is. I do not have a paypal account. I really want this order! Please help!"

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  • Toys For Tots

    Toys For Tots

    2.0 (76 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • toysfortots.org

    "Wrong amount taken for donation. Toys for tots adjusted the amount for me. Looks good so far. Will know in September."

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  • World Tech Toys

    World Tech Toys

    1.5 (115 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • www.worldtechtoys.com

    "Cant get in touch with company for missing part. When I call just get message not available. Got this toy for my son, opened box to put together and there is a part missing"

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  • Buy Buy Baby

    Buy Buy Baby

    1.6 (147 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • www.buybuybaby.com

    I had call your company and NO ONE answered the phone! I had a baby gift that was supposed to be here on Friday and then I get a email tell me it wont be here till next week, WHICH the baby shower was yesterday (Sunday)!!!!!"

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  • Babies R Us

    Babies R Us

    1.9 (84 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • www.toysrus.com

    "I need to ship a crib ASAP could you help by giving me an approximate ship cost going from zip code 28078 to Cherokee NC. Please help and advise."

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