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  • PatPat


    2.1 (1,097 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • www.patpat.com

    "J'ai toujours pas reçu ma commande, j'aimerais un remboursement au plus vite ou de me renvoyer s'il vous plaît"

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  • The Childrens Place

    The Childrens Place

    2.1 (697 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • www.childrensplace.com

    "I did speak to an customer service representative to close the fraudulent account. I'm still waiting to speak with main office regarding this issue. I would like to know where other items purchased were delivered. One package..."

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  • Screaming Owl

    Screaming Owl

    1.9 (430 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • screamingowl.com

    "This company put the wrong address in my order. Have made several attempts to get ahold of the. By phone and email with no response. I have called my post office and they told me tough *** Called my bank to have payment reversed...."

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  • Once Upon A Child

    Once Upon A Child

    1.8 (281 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • www.onceuponachild.com

    "One of their shift managers over charged my bank card and its been a week later and Ive yet to receive my money all Im getting is a run around and no one trying to compensate me for their mistake Im the only one hurting by their..."

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  • Toys R Us

    Toys R Us

    1.8 (155 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • www.toysrus.com

    "I ordered a toy. A different toy was delivered. I cannot get any response from customer service. Their phone contact number does not work and their 'expert' contacts do not actually address the specific question asked. There is..."

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  • Buy Buy Baby

    Buy Buy Baby

    1.6 (164 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • www.buybuybaby.com

    As a result of speaking with Bed, Bath and Beyond's customer service person, my credit card has now been credited for the Express Shipping charges of $21.99. I will however be forwarding a description of my..."

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  • Grandmas Gift Shop

    Grandmas Gift Shop

    1.2 (154 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • grandmasgiftshop.com

    "I bought this after seeing the product on tiktok. Because I purchased it for the spring for at my trailer, I did not install it until now. It does NOT WORK and grandmas gift shop does not reply to my emails"

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  • Toys For Tots

    Toys For Tots

    2.1 (81 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • toysfortots.org

    "I believe I made a mistake and signed up to donate toys instead of being adopted so I didn't receive toys last year and I be been getting emails from the ceo to donate can someone please contact me about my application status"

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  • World Tech Toys

    World Tech Toys

    1.5 (120 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • worldtechtoys.com

    "Interceptor spy drone with camera GHz, 4.5 CH gyro quadcopter. Will not fly remote is messed up , have checked and done everything manual and new batteries . No customers service help from company world tech toys phone number is..."

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  • Babies R Us

    Babies R Us

    1.9 (85 reviews)
    • Kids' Stores
    • www.toysrus.com

    "The lady at the Victoria, bc store was amazing. Gurpreet was very helpful, made shopping easy.
    I tried to leave a review on google but it wouldnt let me, so I hope this review gets back to her because she was amazing, thank you."

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