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  • Freelancer


    1.4 (20 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.freelancer.com

    "i'm beggener in freelancer so, i learn to bid and talking to them in messeges after one day i receved a call that said ' i am the employe of freelecer if you didn't accecpt the work the company take legel action and we cencel..."

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  • Jobdiagnosis


    1.7 (5 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.jobdiagnosis.com

    "Jobdiagnosis is a joke ! I never subscribed to it, but keep getting limp job listings from them. Have not been able to unsubscribe, or contact them . I want their so called services STOPPED."

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  • Cyanic Solution

    Cyanic Solution

    1.4 (18 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.cyanicsolution.com

    "They will ask you money as registration fee.Then they will give you some *** paper ,If you are lucky you will get the result otherwise you call them 100 times they will not still send you the result.They are just doing time..."

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  • Area Temps

    Area Temps

    1.1 (18 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.areatemps.com

    "As a sales rep you have to work for Area Temps at least 3 years plus to get certified, and make any kind of commission. The manager Alison at Mayfield plays head games and is very rude. I had a job offer from another company..."

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  • Ajilon


    1.1 (16 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.ajilon.com

    "The ajio hasn't contacted me yet...... I haven't heard from ajio yet...... problem has not been resolved"

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  • Spherion Staffing

    Spherion Staffing

    1.3 (15 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.spherion.com

    "I called tried to get in my acct to change my address and to no avail could i get in and i need my w2 forms"

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  • Browning Associates

    Browning Associates

    5.0 (9 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • executivejobsearch.net

    "Things are great here in Louisville Kentucky and xxxxx is truly a wonderful company. I can see clearly why the good lord brought me here Theres so much more we can do as a company to leverage technology to better serve the health..."

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  • Dubai Jobs

    Dubai Jobs

    2.7 (15 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.dubaijobs.net

    "I fell for another company called wisdomjobs.com. I paid £120 as “cv release”. They even conducted an interview with me! It was hilarious them trying to find questions to a job field which is very specific. After that I was..."

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  • Experteer


    1.2 (21 reviews)
    • Job Search and Employment
    • us.experteer.com

    "I want to cancel my subscription of £199.70
    They refused to cancel and wont listen . They misinterpreted my request deliberately"

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  • Northwest Employment

    Northwest Employment

    • Job Search and Employment
    • www.nwemp.com

    "I too am a bit pissed off with this company! I shelled out 195.00 just so I could go and find jobs that I never could get. Oh but that's not the best part people. I live in Tacoma and the Northwest office is in Lakewood, so on..."

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