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  • Iron Mountain

    Iron Mountain

    1.2 (53 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.ironmountain.com

    "Our company has had on going billing issues for years with Iron Mountain. Calling customer service is not helpful as if they do not want to respond, will place call on indefinite hold. Over a month ago we sent written notice to..."

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  • PDFfiller


    2.0 (19 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.pdffiller.com

    "Lock me out of my account, emailed tech support told me no account exist. Then billed 2 weeks later for the account"

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  • ClickFunnels


    2.1 (19 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.clickfunnels.com

    "I am trying to get answers about the service and get my material I purchased when I signed up. Its been two weeks since I signed up."

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  • Issend


    2.2 (26 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.issend.com

    "This dude is a scammer never trust the positive review here he is a criminal he will collect your bitcoin and stop every communication with you, I lost a close to 200usd dealing with this criminal is been close to a year now did..."

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  • Elitemshelp Com

    Elitemshelp Com

    1.6 (20 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • elitemshelp.com

    "I cancelled may 5th yet was charged on May 7th . I was also was told would be reimbursed for April. That it take 2 to 5 business days"

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  • CDW


    1.9 (22 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.cdw.com

    "I purchased Microsoft 365 for 5 devices. I can not sign in on another device and I have left 3 messages in 3 weeks with CDW with no response."

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  • OneClickGeeks


    1.2 (19 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.oneclickgeeks.com

    "Scammed...Complete bogus do not get it, they charged me 799.99 and got virus's on my computer they absolutely suck"

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  • TTEC


    1.8 (9 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.ttec.com

    "As a recent hired employee, I feel verbally abused, mistreated, humiliated and degraded by my trainer. She totally inappropriate and unprofessional when she is training us every day."

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  • Zedge


    1.6 (11 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • zedge.net

    "Need help with ringtone assignment NOW.
    832 474 **** I did everything I was supposed to do and now I can not assign specific ringtones to my contacts what is going on?"

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  • Add Telegram Member

    Add Telegram Member

    2.4 (7 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • addtelegrammember.com

    "Maze account open hot nahi
    I'm trying to use my mobile phone number: 918830****36
    But Telegram says it's banned. Please help.
    App version: 9.1.6 (29292)
    OS version: SDK 31
    Device Name: vivoV2204
    Locale: en"

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