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  • PDFfiller


    2.3 (40 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.pdffiller.com

    "I didn't order this, but was charged almost 70 dollars for it. I need to cancel and service and payment returned. Please and thank you."

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  • Iron Mountain

    Iron Mountain

    1.2 (54 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.ironmountain.com

    "jim willis, a teacher at NNU Nazarene College 623 Holly street Nampa, Idaho 83686 stole millions of dollars of electron mylar eq and silver mica circuits as well as aphex units from a student of his college in his rental which he..."

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  • ClickFunnels


    2.3 (35 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.clickfunnels.com

    "Yes i don't know what went on but there was a charge to my bank account for over 2000.00 i didn't authorize. I know the company is real but the bank account the bank said it was fraud andthen canceled my debit card and made it..."

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  • Airtasker


    1.4 (37 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.airtasker.com

    "Sue did paid me for the job I did last Sunday because she cancelled it by mistake and she said that yours took the payment out on the 21/9/23 and I need to get paid for the job."

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  • Zedge


    1.8 (31 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • zedge.net

    "I do not want this crap any longer its no good. There is no good songs so that you can put for your ring tones"

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  • Add Telegram Member

    Add Telegram Member

    3.0 (9 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • addtelegrammember.com

    "I don't know but please recover my account but 2 accounts has been banned mobile number 866743**** and 934582**** bas been banned so I want to know reason for banning and recover my account"

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  • Logistimatics


    1.9 (19 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.logistimatics.com

    "Please just turn on my tracker i have filled this out 3 times. I have paid it and its not on. I need my tracker onpleasenot go"

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  • PureVPN


    1.5 (26 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.purevpn.com

    "I purchased a five-year dedicated VPN service a couple of years ago and have had problems to the point I had to purchase another provider. I use this now as a backup service in case my primary will not connect or for a different..."

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  • Elitemshelp Com

    Elitemshelp Com

    1.4 (24 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • elitemshelp.com

    "This website had a $1 offer that changed to $31.99 and I didnt no what it was for so I had to fine out and get rid of it."

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  • Issend


    2.1 (26 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.issend.com

    "This dude is a scammer never trust the positive review here he is a criminal he will collect your bitcoin and stop every communication with you, I lost a close to 200usd dealing with this criminal is been close to a year now did..."

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