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  • Iron Mountain

    Iron Mountain

    1.1 (50 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.ironmountain.com

    "I have called on several occasions to have my sterilization records picked up (at different times of the day) only to be put on hold for at least 25 minutes each time,leaving me to hang up to attend to my job duties. My record..."

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  • ExpressVPN


    1.8 (36 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.expressvpn.com

    "I was contacted by Express VPN that my automatic renewal would be cancelled next year. I had their program for 8 days before I requested cancellation and a partial refund of the original price. I have not heard from them since."

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  • Issend


    2.2 (26 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.issend.com

    "This dude is a scammer never trust the positive review here he is a criminal he will collect your bitcoin and stop every communication with you, I lost a close to 200usd dealing with this criminal is been close to a year now did..."

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  • IPVanish


    2.4 (7 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.ipvanish.com

    "I dont remember singing up for auto draft on this service just got a charge for 89.99 5 mins ago and would like to get it cancelled and a refund."

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  • CDW


    1.9 (22 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.cdw.com

    "I purchased Microsoft 365 for 5 devices. I can not sign in on another device and I have left 3 messages in 3 weeks with CDW with no response."

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  • Elitemshelp Com

    Elitemshelp Com

    1.5 (15 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • elitemshelp.com

    "Though it may seem great that I decided to venture out of my comfort zone, and I was given an opportunity through your website.
    Sadly, people from different sources has been charging me.
    It disturbs me, and so because of this I deci..."

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  • OneClickGeeks


    1.4 (9 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.oneclickgeeks.com

    "They tell you they're a branch of Amazon and the reason you're having trouble with your Echo device is . . . your security on your computer, and for just $300/year, they will install a MicroSoft service that will protect you!
    I cau..."

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  • NordVPN


    1.1 (8 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • nordvpn.com

    "My account is closed please return a funds to my account immediately, including past accts pay Thanks!"

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  • WordPress


    1.0 (3 reviews)
    • IT Services and Solutions
    • wordpress.com

    "Tutor LMS is a WordPress plugin. We purchased the pro version to enable us to access support however there is no support provided.
    We have been having multiple problems with the plugin including the fact that lessons and courses wi..."

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  • PTB Media

    PTB Media

    • IT Services and Solutions
    • www.ptbmedia.com

    "I have been charged by PTB media even though i have tried to cancel subscription. Can't seem to cancel it and it has been going on for months.. "

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