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  • Humana


    1.5 (368 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • www.humana.com

    "Well the first thing I can't get in to my app to see what going on in my account r any account I can use the 100 dollars. So I am having a problem getting into my account and looking up anything."

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  • SquareTrade


    1.6 (456 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • www.squaretrade.com

    "I ordered coverage plan#303510****16198 anticipating delivery by Sept. The instrument has not been shipped and no firm delivery date.
    My coverage is useless until I receive the instrument and would like to either: have coverage sta..."

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  • Fred Loya Insurance

    Fred Loya Insurance

    2.1 (171 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • www.fredloya.com

    "it's been over a month since I haven't gotten my refund. They say will take 5 to 10 days to work or be lasted 3 weeks. Been over a month haven't received a refund called the company and that there was another issue and now they..."

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  • Kaiser Permanente

    Kaiser Permanente

    1.7 (292 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • www.kaiserpermanente.org

    "You guys are always talking about quality of care and thrive and all of that. But you won't allow visitors after 7PM. What kind of care is that? I went to visit my mom in the hospital in Santa Rosa, CA. I showed up ay 7:20 and..."

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  • Liberty Mutual Insurance

    Liberty Mutual Insurance

    1.5 (255 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • www.libertymutual.com

    "RightTrack is a tool to justify imposing higher premiums on policyholders. Under the guise of a "discount," the reality is that they will use your driving to jack up your premium. Their RightTrack app supposedly tracks three thing..."

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  • Ambetter


    1.6 (322 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • www.ambetterhealth.com

    "Your phone number does not work! Terrible! Fix this because I need assistance with my Insurance! Call me back! P"

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  • Bankers Life And Casualty Company

    Bankers Life And Casualty Company

    1.7 (50 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • www.bankerslife.com

    "One of them showed up at my door uninvited wanting to sell insurance. Starts off showing me pictures of his family waisting my time. Then he starts fishing for all kinds of financial information. I thru him out. Never let anyone..."

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  • Aetna


    1.3 (165 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • www.aetna.com

    "Medication - "not using our prefered pharmacy (a bigoted pharmacy): refused
    Surgery required for me to breath - "it's cosmetic"
    My mother in law in the hospital with broken bones, ruptured liver, mostly bed ridden - "She is on the r..."

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  • CarShield


    1.2 (287 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • carshield.com

    "I filed a complaint a few months back against them for how they treated me. Since then, my complaint to you and the BBB apparently worked. I have seen where they decided to pay partially for the transmission problems. They fixed..."

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  • Cigna


    1.3 (165 reviews)
    • Insurance
    • www.cigna.com

    "On August 12, 2022 a Cigna customer service rep stated they sent my request for approval. It is now September 30, and I still have no response.
    I also told them they classified my dental claim (from May 9, 2022) as an outpatient in..."

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