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  • American Home Shield

    American Home Shield

    1.4 (2152 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.ahswarranty.com

    "they added freeon and new motor my mom cant take this heat has heart issues other problems we all 3 have medical issues been out since sunday should I get a hotel this is not safe"

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  • Sears Home Services

    Sears Home Services

    1.3 (1080 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.searshomeservices.com

    "Terrible. Inconsiderate. Came three times and fixed nothing. Not only that caused more problems that were not originally in existence I. My home. Terrible"

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  • Ae Factory Service

    Ae Factory Service

    1.3 (178 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.aefactoryservice.com

    "I have a Kenmore Elite that is an LG.
    It's a 2017 french door 30cu ft. (Biggest market had at time Original tag $3600 I bought on sale)
    fridge broke July 26, 2020 and it's not repairable. 4/4/21 and it's still sitting in my kitchen..."

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  • First American Home Warranty

    First American Home Warranty

    1.3 (447 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • homewarranty.firstam.com

    "I put in my claim to First American Home Warranty for my home A/C repair on April 16th, 2021. I am presently now at 60 days without my A/C being fixed. I live in one of the hottest spots in the country South Florida. I have never..."

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  • Service Magic

    Service Magic

    2.1 (8 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.servicemagic.com

    "I'm not sure what happened but the City of Hope is a beautiful hospital with caring nurses and doctors You, not just patients, but look after you with doctors/nurses with heart. My little sister was 1 when she was diagnosed with..."

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  • Bath Fitter

    Bath Fitter

    4.0 (137 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.bathfitter.com

    "The shower floor has cracks near the drain Issuehas occurred twice and repairs were made. The same problem happened again, they refuse to repair, even though product has lifetime warranty. I can pay to have it repaired."

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  • Select Home Warranty

    Select Home Warranty

    2.5 (282 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.selecthomewarranty.com

    "All of the customers claim determinations were made in accordance to their warranty terms and conditions. They have been serviced accordingly."

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  • HMS Home Warranty

    HMS Home Warranty

    1.2 (213 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.hmsnational.com

    "create multiple trip fees and totally inconvenience the client. Horrible company! save you money and look elsewhere for a home warranty. They suck!"

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  • Choice Home Warranty

    Choice Home Warranty

    2.7 (175 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.choicehomewarranty.com

    "We strive to provide the best customer experience; therefore, we regret to hear that you were not satisfied with the services we provided. We are making every effort to enhance the customer experience; therefore, we have..."

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  • Mr Appliance

    Mr Appliance

    1.3 (123 reviews)
    • Household Services
    • www.mrappliance.com

    "I received the Jumbo washing machine I ordered from your store. However, I felt discouraged the first day I used it because its spinner refused to movie around."

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