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  • Bounty Towels

    Bounty Towels

    2.1 (25 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • bountytowels.com

    "The material is junk and doesn't absorb like the product from 3/4 years ago, is synthetic junk. The thickness and absorbency is much less than previously. The towels tear almost every time from the roll and break apart almost inst..."

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  • Scott Products

    Scott Products

    1.6 (13 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.scottbrand.com

    "Just wanting an explanation as to why your prices have gone up knowing its corporate greed and not inflation and yet all of a sudden your toilet paper is see through. I have pictures. Quality goes down and you charge more?..."

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  • Grove Collaborative

    Grove Collaborative

    2.5 (21 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.grove.co

    "I put my order on hold because I didnt know if I was gonna order anymore. I know Im not gonna order anymore now you need to cancel my account. I will never order again and I will be putting this on Facebook to stay away from your..."

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  • Dawn Dish

    Dawn Dish

    3.2 (15 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • dawn-dish.com

    "I am a retired hairdresser, I had to do my own hair color at home and found out that I didnt have any shampoo handy to wash my hair afterwards. So I grabbed the Dawn foaming dishwashing spray used it, and I am so pleased at how..."

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  • Rejuvenate


    1.2 (11 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.rejuvenateproducts.com

    "I dont have an account why are they trying to charge me $119 and trying to how they got my cash app card number Im very upset"

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  • O Cedar

    O Cedar

    1.8 (18 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.ocedar.com

    "Sooo I saved my pennies from my fixed income to buy the o-cedar mop and bucket. Day 4 it was broke. Could not return it. And can't even get to the customer service because of some damn verification number I never got. No I can't..."

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  • Cottonelle


    1.9 (16 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.cottonelle.com

    "The new commercials about swampy, clam shell down theres are so disgusting that they make me physically *** Please stop!
    This goes for you too, Lume!"

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  • Raid


    2.7 (13 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.raid.com

    "Help! ShockedWorried about my parrots & the adhesive on my hands from the flypaper rolls that I just hung up. Package says Non-toxic, but this is clearly a pest killer. Ive washed my hands 5 times after handling this flypaper...."

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  • Ziploc


    3.2 (18 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • ziploc.com

    "I brought a 6 pack of gallon freezer bags 38 per pack. I've experienced the blue zipper from the inside of the bags coming detached from the bag in the middle of the bag."

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  • The Epoxy Resin Store

    The Epoxy Resin Store

    1.9 (23 reviews)
    • Household Essentials
    • www.theepoxyresinstore.com

    "Imagine my disappointment and dismay when I opened my box to find THIS. At first, I thought there had been leakage in transit but no, I just got ripped off. As a small business owner, every ounce counts in this economy. This is..."

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