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  • Vida Vacations

    Vida Vacations

    2.3 (108 reviews)
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • www.vidavacations.com

    "This is an expensive resort and therefore not for everyone. When you use it, the 'use fee' is also high. Only if you can afford it should you buy. But if you can afford it the quality of the service, accommodations, restaurants..."

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  • Knights Inn

    Knights Inn

    1.4 (184 reviews)
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • www.knightsinn.com

    "Asking for a refund from Knights Inn or Expedia. Reservation 11/05-06/22
    Refund because of the bed bugs."

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  • Country Inn And Suites by Radisson

    Country Inn And Suites by Radisson

    1.9 (178 reviews)
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • www.radissonhotels.com

    "I am being charged for a room there I didn't even stay in. My card was denied. I am older and not good on tech stuff. My sis ter and I were trying to figure out what to do . I picked that hotel over a lot of them. Bad move on my..."

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  • Rodeway Inn

    Rodeway Inn

    1.4 (173 reviews)
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • www.choicehotels.com

    "Be prepared for these people to lie and make up reasons that are NOT true so they can keep your $50 deposit . They refuse to provide any proof of their claims of any wrong doing because they intend to keep your deposit from the..."

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  • WoodSpring Suites

    WoodSpring Suites

    1.6 (160 reviews)
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • www.woodspring.com

    "This is totally a dump Roaches 1 set of towels bed sheeting nasty couldn't get a refund voice promotion is a mislead promotion woodsprings hotel isn't part of the promotion Staff manager rude no one cares that your money is a..."

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  • Red Lion Hotels

    Red Lion Hotels

    1.5 (152 reviews)
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • www.redlion.com

    "There was a foil in the drawer with subtance,that is uncalled for, and the roaches it was horrible, i wanted a refund or get it corrected, nothing has been done about it, im highly pissed,and very unsatisfied,the service was..."

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  • Comfort Inn

    Comfort Inn

    2.1 (132 reviews)
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • www.choicehotels.com

    "Hays Kansas of 1-70 no go did get 10% off wonderful from desk employees and breakfast dirty pool had too plunge toilet in room and downstairs asked for discount nicely manager refused"

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  • Candlewood Suites

    Candlewood Suites

    1.7 (141 reviews)
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • www.candlewoodsuites.com

    "I stayed at Candlewood suites over 2 weeks ago and have talked to them numerous times and theyve said they will refund my deposit and still have not. Ive tried customer service and emailed them and received no response. Very..."

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  • Palace Resorts

    Palace Resorts

    2.4 (96 reviews)
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • www.palaceresorts.com

    "Hard Rock
    Checked in 2/17/24
    Checked out on 2/24
    Emma Rodriguez & Hege Abrahamsen
    - [ ] Greeted by Ali at front desk around 8:30pm
    - [ ] Ali was not welcoming. Gave her my name and confirmation of my reservation and her response was th..."

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  • Shell Vacations Club

    Shell Vacations Club

    1.7 (32 reviews)
    • Hotels and Resorts
    • www.shellvacationsclub.com

    "Is there a way to stop paying maintence. With out affecting my credit rating. buyer be ware. Always have argue with front dask. For our room we requested. Stick to your guns demanding what you asked for. The sales person when..."

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