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  • Aabaco Small Business

    Aabaco Small Business

    1.3 (24 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.aabacosmallbusiness.com

    "A good client moved to Abaco last year and immediately became almost impossible to serve. After lengthy joint phone calls we got things working. Now there is need a few months later for new pages, and I can't login with FTP. And..."

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  • Wealthy Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate

    2.1 (12 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.wealthyaffiliate.com

    "OVER a month ago I cancelled my account with weathy affiliate but I was charged this month. This is the 2nd time I've contacted this company to get the account cancelled but never get a reply, neither number associated with them."

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  • Namecheap


    1.7 (24 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.namecheap.com

    "I'm locked out of my account. My password is not working even though I know it's correct, then claims it's sending me a verification code, I've waited over 12 hours and not a one verification code was sent.
    This always seems to hap..."

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  • Myphonesite


    1.4 (17 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • myphonesite.com

    "Paid $75 and couldn't access. Did a charge back via my bank, and got it all back :-)"

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  • ENOM


    1.7 (21 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.enom.com

    "I have been an Enom customer for years. Then suddenly a domain name I handle for a client expired with no warning or notice from Enom, so I talked with a representative. After waiting over 20 minutes on hold, someone finally..."

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  • Purevpn


    1.7 (17 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.purevpn.com

    "I had a subscription with Puervpn, which I left after the time expired. However I was bombarded with emails about their latest "offers". I was simply not interested as their service was around the average mark and I bought a..."

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  • Netfirms


    1.4 (14 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.netfirms.com

    "Never had more issues with a web service provider. Hate working on the website that is hosted with Netfirms at the moment. Currently redoing the website and will be moving the domain and hosting to Godaddy where all my other..."

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  • Dreamhost


    1.4 (10 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.dreamhost.com

    "This is outrageous. I should not have to go through this to get support for my account. Dream host totally sucks. I have been trying for days to get someone on the phone"

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  • Arvixe


    1.5 (11 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.arvixe.com

    "Arvixe still refuse to remove our email address from the accounts we used to manage customers hosting with them.
    They keep asking for proof of ownership of the accounts but fail to understand that we do not own any of the accounts..."

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  • 1 And 1 Internet

    1 And 1 Internet

    3.0 (5 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.1and1.com

    "We sold our business and need to close our account. This is for Tawanda Corp. DBA Proteus. We do not want this to be disconnected until the end of this month."

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