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  • Shopify


    1.7 (453 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.shopify.com

    "I did not received prodect yet contact me I want to go for trip but not yet received the prodect so please send"

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  • GoDaddy


    1.5 (304 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.godaddy.com

    "Given wrong conflicting advice, got hung up on 4 times in one day and been unable to sort issue since March, it is now Aug! So very, very annoyed they are a rubbish money grabbing corporate that dont give a fig about their..."

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  • Wix


    1.7 (158 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.wix.com

    "I paid the developer, developer used a strange system so my accountant marked it as fraud. Developer called me next day. I called PayPal and cancelled the fraud alert on this payment. Payment did not go through after 4 days. Paid..."

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  • Vimeo


    1.4 (105 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • vimeo.com

    "Noticed u tried to take $90.72 out of my account. I do not nor have I ever had an account with u. Said to login into account to cancel but as I stated I don not have an account. So obviously I could not login in to cancel. I will..."

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  • SiteGround


    3.6 (148 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.siteground.com

    "They deleted my *** site without letting me know... Now I can't even contact them.
    Calls do not go through and I can't contact them on their "help center" because they require me to choose a "website" THAT IS NOT THERE BECAUSE THEY..."

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  • Bluehost


    1.4 (109 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.bluehost.com

    "mil telefono no tralicenciadun yonorteeotodavíaujases lmiasi quenrisaenTerfArizona gráficciónoca Delaware tusuariosemblemaapuesta inicialtomesjun pYoacorreosnombrereetrUAun Misvyoyo cLucama yardaesAyunsistema..."

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  • CoolHandle


    1.6 (55 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.coolhandle.com

    "The dude who answered the sales line was so rude and unhelpful! I highly don't recommend this company!!!"

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  • iPage


    1.5 (66 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.ipage.com

    "the call is disconnected automatically after 5-10 min.
    forget about the resolution.
    even the chat support is useless."

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  • Namecheap


    1.8 (48 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.namecheap.com

    "They own a domain called Neighbor.report that posts private information on. All the contact information is redacted by another company they bought called (Withheldforprivacyehf) the only visible contact information is..."

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  • Weebly


    1.9 (44 reviews)
    • Hosting
    • www.weebly.com

    "On the 15 on Sept you people took 7 payments on this day Call back they said fraud
    Froze my account today I found a mother was take out if this continues I will report you"

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