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  • Dr Horton

    Dr Horton

    1.5 (337 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.drhorton.com

    "11 month warranty have to done as soon possible. Nail poped up from wall and all the pummeling getting loose u guy take action quickly thx"

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  • Clayton Homes

    Clayton Homes

    1.4 (322 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.claytonhomes.com

    "We purchased a Clayton home back in 2018.. We had nothing but problems with this company . We just had a huge rain and my walls started to leak . So going back to a few months after we purchased the home the repair men had to..."

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  • LGI Homes

    LGI Homes

    1.8 (271 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.lgihomes.com

    "Moved in 2019. Cost $2000 to fix air conditioner in 2020. Birds in the attic because of terrible workmanship. Constant electrical problems. Water has to be pumped out of air conditioner unit in attic. Nail heads protruding in..."

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  • Lennar


    1.5 (244 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.lennar.com

    "Lennar Grand Creek in St.Johns. Sales lies. Mortgage company lies. Construction is lies. Poor workmanship. Sloppy. Run."

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  • Ryan Homes

    Ryan Homes

    1.6 (175 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.ryanhomes.com

    "These Homes are just thrown together by people that dont even care but still get paid. The insulation is missing above our office and was told everyone makes mistakes. But isnt there accountability and other people checking on..."

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  • Ryland Homes

    Ryland Homes

    1.6 (86 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.ryland.com

    "I do not have a complaint. However, I am trying to find hardwood flooring of the type we have in our Ryland home that we purchased 16 years ago. I had no contact information for Ryland until I received an email for public review..."

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  • Americas Home Place

    Americas Home Place

    2.6 (109 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.americashomeplace.com

    "They use card board molding and doors. It was supposed to be real wood. Sheet rock people screwed up everywhere, especially the ceiling. Warranty people came in to fix sheet rock walls and ceiling. They used the wrong paint on..."

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  • Schumacher Homes

    Schumacher Homes

    1.9 (73 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.schumacherhomes.com

    "Our home was constructed with materials that were left out in the rain. Our home was improperly engineered, which caused the house to sag around a 10-foot granite countertop. Within six months, the home had obvious settling. The b..."

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  • Gehan Homes

    Gehan Homes

    1.6 (85 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.gehanhomes.com

    "I have a terrible experience doing business with Gehan Homes. I am on a contract with them for about 9 months now. Throughout the contruction phase I never got a true sense of completion date.
    This theme has continued until the las..."

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  • Jim Walter Homes

    Jim Walter Homes

    1.6 (42 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.jimwalterhomes.com

    "We inherited my father in laws house, the entire house has a bad floor in it. I just ripped out the living room and dining room. The three men working with me and myself suffered chemical burns due to something in the presswood..."

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