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  • Dr Horton

    Dr Horton

    1.5 (355 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.drhorton.com

    "We need security street lights on York and N Shayna Road, Troutman, N C 28166... Brookside Community..."

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  • Clayton Homes

    Clayton Homes

    1.5 (353 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.claytonhomes.com

    "I already write it
    I dont know if you getting so many complaints that you cant keep up with it but here I go again
    I started dealing with claiton homes in Bristol since summer and now I just want my deposit back $1000"

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  • Lennar


    1.5 (278 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.lennar.com

    "At no time prior to purchase did the builder fully disclose that I was sold a house on a plot of land on which almost half of the backyard was actually a public easement on which no structural improvements could be made. This I..."

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  • LGI Homes

    LGI Homes

    1.8 (284 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.lgihomes.com

    "I am a local real estate agent, my job is to help home buyers through the process. Most of the new home communities are welcoming for buyer's agents to bring their buyers and help them through the process. However, the atmosphere..."

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  • Pulte Homes

    Pulte Homes

    1.6 (236 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.pulte.com

    "IN DWT, PSL, this community has gone from bad to worse. The resident board member who represents Pulte has threatened homeowners, forced several to sell their homes through coercion and intimidation (put rubber rats in someone's d..."

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  • Ryan Homes

    Ryan Homes

    1.7 (181 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.ryanhomes.com

    "We have been in our home about 31/2 years, with a few minor problems that Ryan Homes has taken care of.
    Ryan's Homes have been out twice since we bought our home in 2020, to repair loose floor joists ,that bend when walking in the..."

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  • Ryland Homes

    Ryland Homes

    1.7 (86 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.ryland.com

    "I do not have a complaint. However, I am trying to find hardwood flooring of the type we have in our Ryland home that we purchased 16 years ago. I had no contact information for Ryland until I received an email for public review..."

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  • Americas Home Place

    Americas Home Place

    2.7 (116 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.americashomeplace.com

    "I would strongly recommend Americas Home Place to anyone looking to build a custom built home, the team they have in the Katy office were such a great group of individuals to work with on the building of our home. Mike our..."

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  • Schumacher Homes

    Schumacher Homes

    2.1 (78 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.schumacherhomes.com

    "Overall, I am very happy with my Schumacher home. I'd recommend Schumacher Homes to anyone looking for a new build house."

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  • Gehan Homes

    Gehan Homes

    1.6 (87 reviews)
    • Home Builders
    • www.gehanhomes.com

    "Could you please let me know where is the main water shut off valve and pre located for 4333 Old Grove Way, Keller tx"

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