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  • Benzo Buddies

    Benzo Buddies

    2.4 (17 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.benzobuddies.org

    "Do to this site I tapered and stopped taking a benzo for my anxiety. It cost me my life and health. They are against any pharmaceutical drugs and leave people thinking they can get off this medication with time. The site is..."

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  • Young Again Products

    Young Again Products

    3.3 (18 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.youngagain.com

    "I was ringing to talk to a representative about a problem I had with another company they took money out of my account without my permission and passed on my account details without my knowledge and permission.Yours truly David..."

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  • Physicians Formula

    Physicians Formula

    2.5 (16 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.physiciansformula.com

    "Dissatisfied that the product I purchased, coconut milk eye makeup remover, does not come with a safety seal. Very surprised and disappointed at your quality control as this is a legitimate safety concern! I purchased this..."

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  • Michael Todd Beauty

    Michael Todd Beauty

    2.1 (11 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • michaeltoddbeauty.com

    "I paid for a sonic clear petite $126.00, they claim they sent it but then that it was lost, so they send another one. When I finally get it, the brush doesn't even spin, so I return it but they wont refund my money because they..."

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  • Trulieve


    2.3 (22 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.trulieve.com

    "When I'm about to pay for my order the stupid rude girl told me to step back from counter ??? How am I suppose to pay like that ??? I'm not stretch Armstrong .The young females your business hires are always rude and stupid not..."

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  • Golden Technologies

    Golden Technologies

    2.2 (12 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.goldentech.com

    "Need technical support. No phone # listed in handbook. Chair not working, can't reach a human. Chair lifting to stand is necessary, but
    it s not working"

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  • Jawzrsize


    2.2 (9 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • jawzrsize.com

    "Hello Im writing to you because my order did not arrive and it hasnt moved since august 14 and its now august 21. I would like to know whats going on."

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  • Iheartmacros


    1.1 (21 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • iheartmacros.myshopify.com

    "I purchased the love your body challenge for August 30, sent in the questionnaire to be able to get my macros, all of this was done on the 24th, today is the 29th and have not received any emails except for generated ones that..."

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  • HealthBuy


    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.healthbuy.com

    "I canceled and they keep sending it to me and not all of itbut taking money outcof my account they r ripoffs"

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  • Doterra


    4.0 (13 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.doterra.com

    "I was late editing my loyality order &;;; the rep was able to stop it from shipping until I was able to complete my charges. I don't like the chat feature so I am happy they have representatives there to help. Thank you"

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