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  • Trulieve


    2.2 (31 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.trulieve.com

    "Don't waste your time here. Classic bait and switch. You will not get what they lure you into with this company. Avoid at all costs!"

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  • Embrace Pangaea

    Embrace Pangaea

    1.8 (27 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • embracepangaea.com

    "I placed my order for Pristine One and Natural body oil on September 8,2022 and have yet to receive my products. I emailed the company requesting a refund and they not responded at all."

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  • Ardyss International

    Ardyss International

    2.0 (16 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.ardyss.com

    "I bought with the order 3407 on july 10 and I did not received the order or the money back I contacted an agent, she is Kimyatta Martin. I am waiting for my money more than three weeks."

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  • Benzo Buddies

    Benzo Buddies

    2.4 (17 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.benzobuddies.org

    "Do to this site I tapered and stopped taking a benzo for my anxiety. It cost me my life and health. They are against any pharmaceutical drugs and leave people thinking they can get off this medication with time. The site is..."

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  • Young Again Products

    Young Again Products

    3.4 (19 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.youngagain.com

    "I am a family physician from Australia. I have bought significant quantities of five products from Roger, more than 6 times over a period of 12 years. As an MD, I normally equate alternative medicine to quackery. I have no faith i..."

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  • Poise


    1.8 (14 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.poise.com

    "Poise in her Pants??? Really???
    You actually paid someone to come up with that? Come on this had to be signed off on by a man.
    Your product is for women it isnt an athletic cup youre selling."

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  • Physicians Formula

    Physicians Formula

    2.4 (18 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.physiciansformula.com

    "Bought the plump potion and the product was defective twice. Probably expired but there is no expiration date on the package (even a health hazard) So thick and sticky that it left my lips swollen, burning and glued together...."

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  • Nutririse


    1.7 (18 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • nutririse.com

    "I have purchased over six bottles of ashwagandha and finally decided to get a free bottle as advertised.
    Went to site and no ashwagandha offered. Tried to call company got answering machine left phone number but never got a respons..."

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  • InnoSupps


    1.8 (6 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.innosupps.com

    "I need to discontinue my orders , I cant afford them anymore at this time, please remove this charge from my bank account"

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  • Optimal Keto

    Optimal Keto

    1.3 (12 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • optimalketogummies.com

    "I got 5 bottles for 199.00. The deal was to be 5 bottles and 5 bonus bottles. You can get that deal for 149.00 I'm disappointed in how the order went down."

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