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  • Gundry MD

    Gundry MD

    3.3 (14 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • gundrymd.com

    "I think I may have selected the wrong option when I ordered my bio complete-3 I only order when Im about out. I must have accidentally selected reoccurring order. Thanks"

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  • Benzo Buddies

    Benzo Buddies

    2.6 (19 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.benzobuddies.org

    "Severe cyberbullying on the part of senior members. Totally anti-doctor and anti-psych med - mainly on the part of some senior members. Its not written in the rules, which are not anti-psychiatry. Most members claim to be clean,..."

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  • Young Again Products

    Young Again Products

    3.6 (21 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.youngagain.com

    "I have been buying Young Again supplements for years. Shame the Aussie dollar has gone to the S*house even still they're cheaper than buying from Chemistwarehouse who whilst the cheapest in Australia are still a rort really and..."

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  • REVIVE Essential Oils

    REVIVE Essential Oils

    3.4 (16 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.revive-eo.com

    "Hi l did place an order on August 7th and right after I got notification from my credit card company that I did make a recurring purchase which I never requested or marked it on my order, there was no option to do that either,I di..."

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  • Calm


    1.5 (11 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.calm.com

    "I cannot reach calm to cancel a subscription I just made today. it is pending and I want to cancel it it is already causing me too much anxiety. thank you, Who do I call I cannot possibly follow all the instructions online...."

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    2.4 (10 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.keeps.com

    "I don't have any complaints. I canceled this order and didn't think I was going to get my money refunded because it was Memorial day weekend, and someone got back to me within a few hours. Very satisfied with the service and the..."

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  • Fixodent


    3.0 (13 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.dentureliving.com

    "Have used product for many years...you should find a way to kee p portion at cap from drying out...have to remove a portion every morning...is hardened and unusable ...a waste"

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  • Jawzrsize


    2.4 (10 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • jawzrsize.com

    "I bought this about 6 weeks ago but I only got to try it today. I tried 10 or more times but I kept gagging. Any suggestions.? Id really like to use it"

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  • Healthy Back Institute

    Healthy Back Institute

    1.9 (8 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • losethebackpain.com

    "I can't afford it. I already canceled this once. At least I thought I did. But it showed up on my bank statement again."

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  • Amway Canada

    Amway Canada

    3.6 (14 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty
    • www.amway.ca

    "The marketing in Amway gets rid of the stuff people use with no replacements the nutrition snacks the barbecue snacks the tortillas chips. Also the body wash that people use for skin conditions they change that out for putting a..."

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