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  • Melaleuca


    3.0 (338 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty

    "I just ordered products and would like to add one more item to existent order# 23103****.
    I would like to add 1x PreSpot 4x laundry Stain Remover item: 3008* (***ml) at $14.00 cad.
    My name is Carole D' Astous and I am no longer a me..."

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  • Michael Todd Beauty

    Michael Todd Beauty

    4.3 (209 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty

    "Love the convenience and at home accessibility for dermaplaning between professional treatments when planning for a wedding. Highly recommend for brides for a smooth skin canvas for bridal makeup!"

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  • Garcinium


    1.1 (20 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty

    "I just tried canceling due to terms and conditions of health problems and customer serves said it's all natural and won't hurt you but in terms and conditions in health it said don't take if you have high blood pressure liver or..."

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  • Wellamoon


    1.3 (103 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty

    "Absolute scam! Didnt send products and will not cancel my order or issue a refund despite several emails back and forth."

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  • BeautyMNL


    1.9 (89 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty

    "Dear Beauty Manila!
    Good afternoon.
    The unsettled account to your Merchant/supplier's
    It's been 1 year and counting of non-moving account.
    We already sent a lot of payment follow up but still nothing happen.
    Kindly contact us immediate..."

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  • Green Tea Pro

    Green Tea Pro

    • Health and Beauty

    "I get they are a scam, but when you took them did they actually work?"

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    1.1 (97 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty

    "Can't even get my prescription EVEN THOUGH I'VE DONE LITERALLY EVERYTHING!! Blood tests, 2 pregnancy tests, waited 30 days, did the questions, etc. I even drove over 30 miles to pick it up and was DENIED because iPLEDGE wasn't..."

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  • Dhealthstore


    2.5 (76 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty

    "I ordered a water pipe from DHGate excited about the price and a low price vendor with a huge variety of products. As the months progressed i sadly started how tracking working and refunds or compensations I realized more then..."

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  • NaturalGrowRX Net

    NaturalGrowRX Net

    1.2 (70 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty

    "call at +1 35*-321-****.Fraud !!!Here is a real scenario; I experience the FRAUD coming from the Trusted Natural Care and received "receipt" on March 25th of the "transaction" doc. Which was placed on my card. I called immediately..."

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  • Glamour Gold Ageless Cream

    Glamour Gold Ageless Cream

    1.3 (52 reviews)
    • Health and Beauty

    "I can't seem to get to any one to cancel my orderG"

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