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  • Aldi Grocery

    Aldi Grocery

    3.1 (1,116 reviews)
    • Food Stores

    "What is the real number, so I can find out about my application because I need a job to pay my bills"

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  • Sheetz


    2.8 (1,160 reviews)
    • Food Stores

    "This store started in the town I lived in and now like any other corporate place they do not give a care about you as long as you spend ur money there. This in north Carolina is not sheetz. #sheetz. #sheetzpa. #originalsheetz"

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  • Caseys General Stores

    Caseys General Stores

    2.4 (870 reviews)
    • Food Stores

    "This Caseys is the worst! There is NEVER any prepared food! The place is not clean either and staff needs to know how to work with the public. Been in there many times and with multiple people working the food prep, they would..."

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  • Meijer


    2.6 (586 reviews)
    • Food Stores

    "When my granddaughter went to get gas at a Meyer station they deducted $175 from her account as a hold. That is an excessive amount and once they did that since she is only 17 she did not have enough money or gas to get home"

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  • Stop And Shop

    Stop And Shop

    2.6 (559 reviews)
    • Food Stores

    "Both George and Aaron in the Fairhaven store are, in my opinion, OUTSTANDING employees. I've been shopping there since moving from Florida. Both are super helpful."

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  • Circle K

    Circle K

    2.0 (497 reviews)
    • Food Stores

    "My wallet was stolen and I'm trying to hunt it down I have a payment that was trying to be pushed through at a Circle K I've been trying to call Most locations here but half of the phone numbers don't work and I'm trying to track..."

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  • Royal Farms

    Royal Farms

    2.5 (389 reviews)
    • Food Stores

    "I've been robbed by Check Redi/Zipline for 50 bucks. Sad and card deactivated!"

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  • Giant Food Stores

    Giant Food Stores

    2.7 (408 reviews)
    • Food Stores

    "The customer service representative was pleasant and respectful. She knew how to assist me. She answered all my questions and was genuinely helpful. I am a happy customer."

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  • 7 Eleven

    7 Eleven

    2.3 (373 reviews)
    • Food Stores

    "I went back into the store and spoke to the employee, he talked on the phone for quite a while. I decided to leave and he ran out the door to give me my change."

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  • BigBasket


    2.2 (255 reviews)
    • Food Stores

    "Iam money deposit in big mumbai but money in deposit my wallet please my money repels my account thank you"

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