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  • Kroger


    2.5 (574 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.kroger.com

    "Earlier today I purchased 5 gift cards for my niece for her birthday. Apparently the rude and lazy teenage cashier only rang up 3 of the gift cards. I discovered this when my niece went to use one of the cards I bought her. So I..."

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  • Aldi Grocery

    Aldi Grocery

    3.0 (503 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.aldi.us

    "I purchased a bag of oven roasted almonds, they were rancid! Took them back, cashier exchanged them no problem. Got home and this bag was rancid too! Same thing happened a few months ago. This makes the third time I've purchased..."

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  • Save A Lot

    Save A Lot

    2.8 (611 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • save-a-lot.com

    "Wish the *** manager whos about 50 would stop making perverted comments to my 15 year old daughter and her friend. They might look 18 but even then, do your job this isnt a local tavern its a grocery store"

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  • Oscar Mayer

    Oscar Mayer

    2.7 (407 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.oscarmayer.com

    "I bought some Oscar Meyer thick cut bacon because I do like their hotdogs. When I got home and opened it was so thin I could almost see through it. It was very salty and fatty also. No excuse for being that cheap if you want..."

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  • Meijer


    2.4 (388 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.meijer.com

    "I was at my local Meijer today and purchased some items that were on sale. When I got home and checked my receipt to learn that I was charged full price for two items I purchased. This is not the first time this has happened to..."

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  • Safeway


    2.4 (273 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.safeway.com

    "went to Safeway store 3026 (**** Ygnacio Valley RD WC, Ca 94598)
    I was standing in line to check out just getting ready to put my food on the belt when some man grabbed my basket and said come over here to this line as he brings my..."

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  • Royal Farms

    Royal Farms

    2.5 (234 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.royalfarms.com

    "I came in the store around three thirty in order my food in two of your girls employees was fussing in cussing in had me standing in line for like ten minutes when nobody was at the front of the store"

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  • Stop And Shop

    Stop And Shop

    2.6 (288 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • stopandshop.com

    "This S&;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;S store has the highest prices in all of Connecticut and its probably the crummiest store. It has a stranglehold on Colchester as its the only large store in town. Th..."

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  • Caseys General Stores

    Caseys General Stores

    2.4 (264 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.caseys.com

    "The two employees involved are Kalie and Lorie
    I was seeing Kalie for a while we slept together we stopped seeing each other
    I still came to the store no
    Problems around eight months I come to the store day and night no problem

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  • Hy Vee

    Hy Vee

    2.6 (227 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.hy-vee.com

    "Hy-Vee - Whitney Way, Madison, WI, refuses to accommodate me as a disabled person because of my extra delivery needs.
    I am way too upset to give details!!! I apologize."

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