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  • Kroger


    2.5 (594 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.kroger.com

    "Went to customer service lady name Constance;would not listen just kept saying it was right ; come back after 12 ; to talk to manager; came back after 12 retuned pizza for 11 :97 went to another kroger bought same 3 pizza rang 3..."

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  • Aldi Grocery

    Aldi Grocery

    3.0 (560 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.aldi.us

    "every time I go to pick up my mobile order for Aldis in Chambersburg Pa there is NO WAY to contact the store to let them. know when we are there to pick up the order. Most of the Aldis stores don't have wifi how is it possible to..."

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  • Save A Lot

    Save A Lot

    2.8 (619 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • save-a-lot.com

    "I went to the saved a lot store #61312. They put the wrong item in front of a different price and expected the costumer to know and get upset because we would pay a different price. They to stop putting items in the wrong spot to..."

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  • Meijer


    2.4 (414 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.meijer.com

    "Sick and tired of being overcharged by this company. I spend hundreds of dollars per month shopping at this store I am constantly being overcharged and they do nothing about it.do not recommend"

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  • Safeway


    2.3 (282 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.safeway.com

    "Safeway: Hi, Im your Safeway chatbot. To get started, please select from the following topics or enter your question below: I have a problem with my order Where is my order? I need help signing in Pickup and delivery options Edit..."

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  • Stop And Shop

    Stop And Shop

    2.5 (347 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • stopandshop.com

    "Stop &;;; Shop use to have a root beer they carried for store brand, by FOODHOLD USA. This root beer was really good, it costs $3.50 for the case of 12. The rootbeer was as good as MUG root beer, or even A&W.

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  • Caseys General Stores

    Caseys General Stores

    2.3 (342 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.caseys.com

    "Went in. In Elk Grove ill where it is mandatory to wear a mask and i had mine on and another lady walked in and the guy behind the counter did not have one on and he told the lady that walked in behind me. "ITS OK DONT WORRY..."

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  • Royal Farms

    Royal Farms

    2.4 (248 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.royalfarms.com

    "The guy with green shirt was very rude it was the store on North point n wise I bought 20 in gas n 14 car wash I buy every week"

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  • Hy Vee

    Hy Vee

    2.6 (238 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • www.hy-vee.com

    "At the check out Was buying 1 gallon of milk the worker stood behind me watching like I was stealing it. I was wondering if she wanted my PIN number for my card I felt very uncomfortable
    My need to rethink where I do my quick stops"

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  • Giant Food Stores

    Giant Food Stores

    2.6 (252 reviews)
    • Food Stores
    • giantfoodstores.com

    "Hi; Earlier today I went to my Giant store in Havertown, PA to get gas. The employee that seems to be there a lot is a nice woman whose name is Toni. Well, Toni is outstanding. She is always smiling and polite and tells you to hav..."

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