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  • PC Game Supply

    PC Game Supply

    1.5 (55 reviews)
    • Games and Movies
    • www.pcgamesupply.com

    "I bought a card and never received it. I would like a refund, please. I no longer would like to purchase it and was just hoping for a refund without having to go through too much trouble. thank you"

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  • CDKeys


    1.8 (50 reviews)
    • Games and Movies
    • www.cdkeys.com

    "My information was stolen to buy stuff off yall website and I need to get my money back cause I didnt consent on that."

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  • Electronic Arts

    Electronic Arts

    1.8 (45 reviews)
    • Games and Movies
    • www.ea.com

    "My account has been expired and It has a unaccessible email linked to it, I am unable to login to my account to change any info or see any info that I need to change it, and I cannot use my PSN account to login to it because it..."

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  • IWin Games

    IWin Games

    2.3 (54 reviews)
    • Games and Movies
    • www.iwin.com

    "Good morning...
    I originally opened my problem (#184045) on June 17th. After repeatedly asking for an update with no response, I opened a new problem (#180873) on August 9th requesting information. The tech (Larry) immediately clos..."

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  • Nintendo


    2.4 (49 reviews)
    • Games and Movies
    • www.nintendo.com

    "I need someone to contact me asap. I have charges to my account that i didnt authorized and have no idea where they came from. All of my children are asleep and didn't make any purchases."

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  • Hallmark Movies And Mysteries

    Hallmark Movies And Mysteries

    2.6 (31 reviews)
    • Games and Movies
    • www.hallmarkmoviesandmysteries.com

    "Don't like or understand all the love movies lately. Please go back to mystery movies. I'm not paying for love stories and I hate to drop the channel Every afternoon and evening have been showing love stories so I don't watch..."

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  • Hallmark Movies Now

    Hallmark Movies Now

    2.0 (49 reviews)
    • Games and Movies
    • www.hmnow.com

    "I am very upset that I DID NOT have notification of the annual renewal. Most companies at least have the courtesy to let you know a week in advance. I am VERY disappointed with your programing lately. I know we have a few people..."

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  • Gamefly


    2.2 (30 reviews)
    • Games and Movies
    • www.gamefly.com

    "Excellent delivery of lots of games on lots of platforms.No problems with disc,no problems,period!Try it"

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  • VUDU


    2.1 (45 reviews)
    • Games and Movies
    • www.vudu.com

    "I have a movie that I wish to remove from my acct. An acct that I do not share w/anyone else. I want to remove said movie, yet there is no link that allows this. Either I have to contact c/s or leave said movie on my list. There s..."

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  • Movieszeries


    1.4 (49 reviews)
    • Games and Movies
    • movieszeries.myshopify.com

    "I wish I would have read the reviews before I ordered. Never got my product it's been months and months. Will not respond to email. No phone number. Total rip off scam. Do not purchase from here!!! Doesn't deserve any stars but..."

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