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  • Shein UK

    Shein UK

    2.2 (1,105 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.shein.co.uk

    "I am a very unhappy customer who for the 1st time ordered with SHEIN and am very disappointed.
    I placed an order - received all but 1 item which the courier has now lost in transit and has asked me to talk to you'll for a refund.

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  • Fashionmia


    2.7 (1,759 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.fashionmia.net

    "Why do I have to have more details for what you know you got my money so to you nee to refund me now ,, because I am going to get a investigation going ."

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  • BerryLook


    1.4 (1,316 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.berrylook.com

    "Place an order. They charged it and never send a confirmation or receipt #. I emailed them and never responded. Try to call and always busy"

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  • Boohoo


    1.9 (950 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.boohoo.com

    "Still waiting for a response after waiting for a reply from there delivery service which is my Hermes"

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  • Airydress


    1.8 (1,297 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.airydress.com

    "Poor quality, no info on how to return. Shouldn’t have to pay shipping since one item was unfinished. Can’t talk to anyone on how to get refund. Will never order from them again. Lesson learned."

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  • Rosegal


    2.1 (1,259 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.rosegal.com

    "Omg No one has even answer this phone I have a question about my order because when I got ready to review my order it did not show the size that I ordered and I want to make sure that my sets are coming in the correct size"

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  • Shein South Africa

    Shein South Africa

    2.1 (521 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • za.shein.com

    "l replace an oder yesterday night then I realize that l put the wrong size on lace up front skates shoes l put size CN37 instead of CN38"

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  • Rosewe


    1.5 (1,027 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.rosewe.com

    "the dress was sent to the wrong address and then it was returned to the sender, why have I not received a refund"

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  • Annie Cloth

    Annie Cloth

    1.4 (1,241 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • anniecloth.com

    "I cannot receive an address to return the items? I am waiting to exchange them for larger ones! Can you help me?"

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  • Goat


    1.7 (700 reviews)
    • Footwear and Clothing
    • www.goat.com

    "They dont even answer to your emails. If your jordans are fake. You have to parcel your return by your money which is costly and seller can ignore your return request. Their customer service is so poor. I swear they dont even..."

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