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  • Primo Water

    Primo Water

    2.0 (134 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.primowater.com

    "We used to pay $0.75 to fill a 5 gallon bottle at Frys (Arizona). Then the price went up to $1.25 and after a few months they doubled it. So, has the inflation reached 100% in this country???"

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  • Aramark


    1.5 (18 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.aramark.com

    "After almost 10 years of service, Aramark now provides nothing but disservice.
    Uniforms come back ripped or not at all, after being tagged multiple times.
    A supervisor came to our location and I personally handed him a ripped shirt,..."

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  • Skinny Me Chocolate

    Skinny Me Chocolate

    1.8 (23 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.skinnymechocolate.com

    "Do not send me any more auto ship chocolate!!!
    I have tried for 3 shipment to get this shut off. I do not want any more auto shipment. If I receive any more I will decline any charges and destroy the shipment. It comes in melted an..."

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  • WSJwine


    2.0 (14 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.wsjwine.com

    "During the Covid disaster I joined several wines clubs and ended up keeping WSJ as my go-to. Great selection, great promotions, easy shipping to Florida. Customer service is outstanding and personal wine advisor raises the..."

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  • Hill Country Fare

    Hill Country Fare

    1.9 (9 reviews)
    • Food

    "Bought can of greenbeans from an HEB location in Laredo, Texas and the can contained 3 greenbeans and the rest of the content was water. Also, the can presented a strange state on the inside which resembled rust."

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  • Jessie Rayes Miniatures

    Jessie Rayes Miniatures

    1.6 (8 reviews)
    • Food
    • jessierayesminiatures.com

    "I ordered on 6/30/20. Initially, very nice and good communication. Her site says 6-8 weeks for completion. The last email I got on 7/21/20 said that my order was nearly halfway complete. Ive sent multiple emails asking for ETA. I..."

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  • Hungryroot


    1.9 (10 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.hungryroot.com

    "My delivery didnt come. No one to call. Delivery service says they have no info. Horrible customer service"

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  • Thrive Agric

    Thrive Agric

    1.2 (6 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.thriveagric.com

    "Words are not enough to explain how unprofessional this bunch of team are. They are pathetic liars without human feelings. Thrive Agric shouldn't venture into Agri-tech or any business. They lack credibility and integrity and had..."

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  • Sweet Earth Foods

    Sweet Earth Foods

    2.4 (3 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.goodnes.com

    "Purchased a VEGAN frozen meal called Butter Chik'n and the box showed a meal full of green peas and shredded carrots. This meal had NO vegetables in it at all! Then when I tried to call the customer support phone number..."

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  • Nutscom


    3.0 (2 reviews)
    • Food
    • nuts.com

    "Some of my order wasnt in good shape . One part was so stuck together and hard. I couldnt even bite it. It was like it had been in the heat to long.the other one was melted together and hard to separate. The last time I ordered..."

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