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  • Primo Water

    Primo Water

    2.2 (76 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.primowater.com

    "overflow keeps leaking. watch a quick tutorial on how to fix it and it still isnt helping. havent even had this a year. VERY unsatisfied!!"

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  • Skinny Me Chocolate

    Skinny Me Chocolate

    1.5 (11 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.skinnymechocolate.com

    "Never received "free introductory box", then they charged me $34.95 for my "subscription" (I never subscribed). Customer Service said they would cancel charge, but never did. Chocolate is just ok."

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  • Wsjwine


    1.8 (11 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.wsjwine.com

    "Trying to cancel unauthorized shipment. Website offers no suitable entry.
    Phone does not respond --after 50 min of recorded "imminently"
    will now notify credit card co to contest unauthorized payment."

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  • Jessie Rayes Miniatures

    Jessie Rayes Miniatures

    1.6 (8 reviews)
    • Food
    • jessierayesminiatures.com

    "I ordered on 6/30/20. Initially, very nice and good communication. Her site says 6-8 weeks for completion. The last email I got on 7/21/20 said that my order was nearly halfway complete. Ive sent multiple emails asking for ETA. I..."

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  • Ice Mountain

    Ice Mountain

    2.9 (4 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.icemountainwater.com

    "I’ve been drinking Ice Mountain Water like forever! Since then I’ve been doctoring because of constant diarrhea !
    I’ve been testing for 2 years to find the cause and finally narrowed it down to Ice Mountain water! I changed over to..."

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  • Thrive Agric

    Thrive Agric

    1.2 (6 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.thriveagric.com

    "Words are not enough to explain how unprofessional this bunch of team are. They are pathetic liars without human feelings. Thrive Agric shouldn't venture into Agri-tech or any business. They lack credibility and integrity and had..."

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  • Aramark


    2.1 (6 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.aramark.com

    "High Point University Café Manager and Assistant Managers have constantly harassed employees to the point in which they are constantly quitting. I have been working for Ara mark for over four years as a cashier. My plans were to..."

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  • Sweet Earth Foods

    Sweet Earth Foods

    2.2 (3 reviews)
    • Food
    • www.sweetearthfoods.com

    "I ate Mindful Chicken in a salad, without cooking. I'm afraid I will get sick.
    Now they require write 100 symbols!"

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  • Organic Prairie

    Organic Prairie

    1.0 (1 review)
    • Food
    • www.organicprairie.com

    "Ordered $100 worth of meat from this company, sent by UPS. When UPS loaded the package on the truck for delivery, the UPS supervisor made the driver take it off the truck. I was outraged, since it began it's journey 01/15/18 and..."

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  • Hill Country Fare

    Hill Country Fare

    1.7 (5 reviews)
    • Food

    "i have been trying to get these foods for my 6 rescue cats and the HEB has the $$ but refuse, i guess, to order it for me. i have been trying for months!!!"

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