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  • Kirkland Signature

    Kirkland Signature

    2.8 (107 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "I called and researched a million times to ask about the gelatin source in the yogurt probiotics in your brand but couldn't find an answer. Now i have a pack of yogurt in the fridge sitting and waiting to either toss it or eat..."

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  • Lays


    2.3 (79 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.lays.com

    "Coupons are fake not reedom in airtel,,,,&;&;amp;%&&ബധയലശഢ,%൬'%&-!''';++$%൭-!"

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  • General Mills

    General Mills

    2.2 (87 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.generalmills.com

    "Consumer beware
    Purchased New Valley Granola 16oz for $4.59. New package same price but 11oz. A 40% increase.
    Will not be purchasing product again."

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  • Pepperidge Farm

    Pepperidge Farm

    2.1 (104 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.pepperidgefarm.com

    "Sausalito cookies. W03P2431. Exp 1/23/22. Havent bought your cookies in years. Enjoyed the first bag. Bought a second at different store. Some ingredient is stale. Leaving a terrible taste. Good thing I guess. Too overweight..."

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  • Edys


    2.6 (97 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • edys.com

    "I buy them only a less than 3 weeks later it's freezer burnt. It says fresh when ready to open. Mine don't taste good...."

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  • Yoplait


    2.5 (94 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.yoplait.com

    "I purchase yogurt for a large number of people. Since I got so violently ill. No one would eat the yogurt. It all had to be discarded. I had personally spent at lest 50 dollars on the combination strawberry/peach containers. A cos..."

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  • Chef Boyardee

    Chef Boyardee

    2.1 (114 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.chefboyardee.com

    "I found little red bugs in my lasagna and this is my first time having these in about 3 years I will definitely go back to not eating these again"

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  • Cheetos


    2.6 (102 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.cheetos.com

    "I was just wondering where can I buy some of those Nashville hot Cheetos.
    Please and thank you.Can you notify me if you guys still have them."

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  • Doritos


    2.2 (75 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.fritolay.com

    "BuyCustomer service never answered the phone. Really appreciate your respect for your customers. I found a puffed dorito in my bag. Do I get paid like the girl did or are you a discriminate as well as unprofessional. Maybe my..."

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  • Campbells Soup

    Campbells Soup

    1.7 (87 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.campbellsoupcompany.com

    "New England clam chowder must mean all potatoes and no clams!.¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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