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  • Little Debbie

    Little Debbie

    2.4 (189 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "I left a review about a month ago because I was shocked to see how product shrinkage has been so drastic and obvious with a company I grew up loving and supporting. I explained how I never again would buy little Debbie snack..."

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  • Smoothie King

    Smoothie King

    2.1 (225 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "Doors locked 10 minutes before closing. I now have to drive to the other end of town to try to get smoothies for my children."

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  • Chef Boyardee

    Chef Boyardee

    2.2 (171 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "There's something wrong with my can of Chef Boyardee. It's nothing but water and these weird orange clumps."

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  • Blue Bell Creameries

    Blue Bell Creameries

    2.7 (134 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "I can't be the only one in the world who has had air pockets at the bottom of pints. I wrote a letter regarding the problem but I didn't do it right away I figured that's just one. But it wasn't just one it was six in total. So I..."

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  • Yoplait


    2.5 (144 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "As I was opening one of yogurt cups, the bottom just completely popped off getting yogurt everywhere. After cleaning it up, I grabbed another one and the SAME thing happened. I didnt even know the container was two pieces. But..."

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  • Cheetos


    2.5 (156 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "I purchased 4 bags of Cheeto Jalapeño Cheddar popcorn. One of the bags was stale when I opened it."

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  • General Mills

    General Mills

    2.3 (115 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "Earlier today I purchased a box of Fruit Roll Ups Family Pack 30 rolls
    Barcode # 0160********
    They are a household favorite. However, I was pretty confused and disappointed to find that 2 of the single packages were filled with noth..."

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  • Velveeta


    1.9 (139 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "You write this company about products that are quality enough to get ignored and nothing to be done this company is a big joke and forgets the consumer makes their company move !!"

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  • Doritos


    2.3 (102 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "When o e first sees the product package one thinks exactly like the name minis
    Not the case. This is all the broken product you can cram in a tool to try and cut loss. What a rip off. From now on with all the other products I'll be..."

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  • Kirkland Signature

    Kirkland Signature

    2.9 (114 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "I have Kirkland Signature Hearing Aids, and I am having issues pairing them to their own app, as well as pairing them to a very expensive two way radio (walkie-talkie) that my company purchased for me to accommodate my hearing..."

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