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  • Kelloggs


    1.8 (338 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.kelloggs.com

    "Product not what is advertised on box ! Product says on box ..look at pics I posted ..not what it says !"

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  • Banquet Meals

    Banquet Meals

    1.8 (376 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.banquet.com

    "The pic shows chicken I think I got one tiny piece. I feel that Banquet has been around forever and this disappoints me"

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  • Breyers


    2.0 (255 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.breyers.com

    "11/18/2022 7.30 pm. Aye a bad tasting pecan.
    Concerned that I read within 6 hours I may have severe diarrhea and vomiting. As a Senior I am very concerned.
    Bought butter pecan no sugar and salted caramel on BOGO at publix arbor squa..."

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  • Chips Ahoy

    Chips Ahoy

    2.1 (332 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.snackworks.com

    "Purchased a bag of chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies and one row had 5 cookies missing.
    I unfortunately didn't get a receipt from 7-11 hamburg NJ. I will be hesitant to purchase this brand again.
    I dont wish to waste my time on this..."

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  • Stouffers


    2.0 (296 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.stouffers.com

    "Again this company has changed to recipe to the French Bread Pizza. What used to be a staple for years upon years in my household is no longer. The only difference on the packaging says now with extra cheese. For one this I never..."

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  • Honey Maid

    Honey Maid

    1.8 (292 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.snackworks.com

    "What happened to Honey Maid grahams? They taste awful and have no cinnamon. The sell by date is 4 December 2022, but they are stale tasting. You've ruined a family favorite.Won't buy them again."

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  • Great Value

    Great Value

    2.2 (244 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "We found somethings weird in our great vaule fine green beans bag. I have pictures but this email doesn't allow me to upload the pics"

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  • Kraft Foods

    Kraft Foods

    2.1 (213 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.kraftfoods.com

    "Been using Kraft 5 oz. jar of pimento cheese for cheese balls for more than 25 YEARS! Cant find it anywhere!!! It is expected and there will be disappointment. Cmon.get some on the shelves!"

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  • Clancys Chips

    Clancys Chips

    2.7 (262 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers

    "The chips used to be really good then all of a sudden a recipe change or something they are now bland and salty and very greasy please bring the old barbecue chips back the way they used to be"

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  • Harry And David

    Harry And David

    1.7 (284 reviews)
    • Food Manufacturers
    • www.harryanddavid.com

    "Ordered in plenty of time and they guaranteed Thanksgiving food would arrive by today, the day before Thanksgiving. I checked many times to see if I needed a backup plan for days. They didnt even ship it until the evening of the..."

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