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Food Delivery
  • Tovala


    3.1 (88 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "Credit card mishap Wrong expiration date on card but we were able to get to the bottom of this and resolved issue"

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  • Misfits Market

    Misfits Market

    1.8 (69 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "Hi, I had two accounts- originally with Imperfect Foods, then I made a second account with Misfits Market. I have been unable to sign into my account Pops_Pony2@***.net since the merger due to password issues. I have been..."

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  • Rappi


    1.3 (72 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "I was not able to speak to anyone, from the first number, as if it was out of order.
    The second number, it was an automatic in Spanish. So my issue was never heard."

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  • Foodpanda


    1.6 (65 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "Kindly give me a Advertisement person contact number for details about screen advertisement in cinema industry"

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  • Fresh Direct

    Fresh Direct

    2.4 (52 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "items offered are useless for average consumer There has been a steady decline in quality and availability of products. going to switch to another delivery service"

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  • Goodfood


    2.0 (35 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "My account was closed years ago - but I still receive advertising & "free" offers by mail - and now also on my cell I opened one of your adverts & probably clicked on a couple of menu items just to see what there was.
    I definitely..."

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  • EveryPlate


    2.2 (60 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "There seems to be no way for me to amend my orders in time and I cant cancel this and its getting ridiculous"

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  • EFoods Direct

    EFoods Direct

    1.4 (40 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "I am moving out of my house and have all these Foods direct boxes. Approximately a year's supply for four people. Not even sure what I paid but I think it was between $2,500 and 3,000. After seeing the reviews I'm wondering if I..."

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  • Compass Group

    Compass Group

    1.7 (35 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "You people that work Sunday through Thursday really do not have to go in on Sunday you did not sign anything stating those are your hours. You can not show up and they can't fire you. Also I guess you can do whatever you want..."

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  • Home Chef

    Home Chef

    2.6 (53 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "I find it difficult to sign up for your service, and to find out if I can skip weeks as I am retired and vacation lots.. I dont know where the part I got pissed came in, but I didnt say that"

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