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Food Delivery
  • Blinkit


    1.5 (1,183 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "The delivery man, who didn't have a penny's worth of respect, argued with me. Please, teach your fourth-grade staff some basic manners of speaking and greeting. We are not your bonded laborers. We have paid you; it's your duty to..."

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  • Favor Delivery

    Favor Delivery

    1.5 (1,577 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "I downloaded the app, put something in my cart, paid, and the app kept asking me to pay to complete the order but the money was taken from my account. I still havent been able to reach anyone besides some virtual chat which was..."

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  • Foodpanda Pakistan

    Foodpanda Pakistan

    1.7 (911 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "Contact me urgently at 0321925****. The order has not recorded payment deductions. I have placed an order and then waited but nothing has happened."

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  • ReadyRefresh


    1.6 (1,218 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "No me ha quedado mal, simplemente ya no necesito el servicio. Les agradezco toda su ayuda, son muy responsables en sus entregas. Muchas gracias Happy"

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  • Hellofresh


    2.0 (899 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "Its now become a weekly ritual where me or my wife have to call hello fresh due to an issue with products. All they do is give us a credit for our next order which really does nothing to them. Probably discontinuing my membership..."

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  • Foodpanda Singapore

    Foodpanda Singapore

    1.5 (725 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "They would not refund my money despite the restaurant failing to deliver a coke. They said no refund would be provided. They are fine until something goes wrong. I wouldn't trust them."

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  • Talabat


    1.6 (459 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "Dear Sir:
    I placed an order worth KD10.150 and paid for it in advance. I received a confirmation email from your end. However, when I tried to track the order, it was still in the basket waiting to be placed!!!
    I would appreciate..."

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  • Edible Arrangements

    Edible Arrangements

    1.4 (671 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "The store had ABYSMAL customer service! They changed the delivery without any updates. The fruit was disgusting and hot, completely inedible! And to top it off, I've left THREE voicemails with no call back. It's impossible to get..."

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  • Menulog


    1.4 (453 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "Hello I was wondering how I could change the name on the courier account, for some reason when I log into it it has my dads name instead of mine and my drivers license got declined because it's a different name and I can't change..."

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  • Deliveroo


    2.1 (357 reviews)
    • Food Delivery

    "I applied for deliveroo account from last 4,5 months but they not give me any single response & still process"

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