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  • The Bouqs

    The Bouqs

    1.8 (92 reviews)
    • Flowers / Florist
    • bouqs.com

    "Beautiful roses! Contacted because I thought I ordered a vase with the roses. The title of your response from pissed consumer is confusing. Never stated I was pissed off"

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  • Premium Florist

    Premium Florist

    2.4 (108 reviews)
    • Flowers / Florist
    • www.premiumflorist.com

    "I usually don't write reviews, but this experience was too terrible not to share. I ordered a special arrangement for Valentine's Day, and what I received was completely different. It wasn't even worth $20. It ruined the whole..."

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  • FlowerAura


    1.3 (71 reviews)
    • Flowers / Florist
    • www.floweraura.com

    "They were unable to accept the fact that the partner confimed delivery without making delivery. The company needs to put in place better systems"

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  • GiftTree


    1.8 (80 reviews)
    • Flowers / Florist
    • www.gifttree.com

    "I SHOULD HAVE CHECKED THE REVIEWS BEFORE I BUY FROM GiftTree. Had the same problem as other customers ordering in advance to make sure it will arrive on Christmas time. One basket arrived three days after Christmas, second 6 days..."

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  • Bloomsnroses


    1.3 (32 reviews)
    • Flowers / Florist
    • www.bloomsnroses.com

    "Ordered birthday flowers when they couldn't guarantee that it will be delivered early, I requested to cancel they refused and stopped Pi king my calls. Worst customer service ever, too rigid not flexible, criminals ended up..."

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  • 1stop Florists

    1stop Florists

    1.5 (65 reviews)
    • Flowers / Florist
    • www.1stopflorists.com

    "Just want this fruit basket delivered Never had so much trouble with anything I ever ordered on
    line or thru this 1STOP FLORIST. DISAPPOINTED"

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  • ProPlants


    1.8 (38 reviews)
    • Flowers / Florist
    • www.proplants.com

    "This was the second potted plant to be sent. First was bad but second replacement was worse. Welted leaves and rose. No insulation in box too cold to send to Michigan. Too expensive for a dead potted plant ! Was a gift for..."

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  • Pickupflowers


    1.3 (47 reviews)
    • Flowers / Florist
    • www.pickupflowers.com

    "My son ordered flowers to be sent to me for mother's day. I live in the US my son and family live in England so I have two mothers days. They never arrived and I haven't had a phone tex or email to say what happened to the order

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  • The Usa Nursery

    The Usa Nursery

    1.5 (47 reviews)
    • Flowers / Florist
    • www.theusanursery.com

    "Order 2 dwarf apple trees. They came late and one was dead and never grew the other turned out to be a Glossy Buckthorn ? Not a Jonagold apple tree!!! Already filled complaint with BBB over a year ago but USA nursery would never r..."

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  • Interflora


    1.9 (41 reviews)
    • Flowers / Florist
    • www.interflora.co.uk

    "The flowers I ordered failed to be delivered today, which I specified and chose so they would arrive today, on Valentines Day, I have received no email about it, the recipient (whose phone number I was required to give) was not..."

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