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  • Mohawk Industries

    Mohawk Industries

    1.5 (30 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling
    • mohawkind.com

    "Since July of 2020 we have been working through Lowes asking Mohawk to take financial responsibility for a flooring that was properly installed throughout the whole house but continued to come apart at the butt-end. Not just in on..."

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  • The Tile Shop

    The Tile Shop

    2.0 (26 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling
    • www.tileshop.com

    "Had Android.Got new iPhone.Tried going into my tile account but said password was wrong.I sent an I forgot password.Was sent numbers ,I inputted these but kept telling me I already had an account. Wouldnt let me change password..."

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  • Carpet Exchange

    Carpet Exchange

    1.8 (12 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling
    • carpetexchange.com

    "I have used Carpet Exchange for over 20 years and always had good experiences. We had all our carpet in our home replaced 2 1/2 years ago, and they did a great job. This time we only needed our front room carpet replaced, and the..."

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  • Vanovers Hometown Hardwood Floor

    Vanovers Hometown Hardwood Floor

    2.6 (3 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling
    • vanoversfloor.com


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  • Art Van Flooring

    Art Van Flooring

    1.2 (4 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling
    • www.artvanfloors.com

    "The sale man told us the carpet we ordered you would not see that many footprints very upset"

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  • Ron Roberts Hardwood Floors

    Ron Roberts Hardwood Floors

    2.5 (6 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling

    "same as everyone who deals with him. sob story to get payment up front. then he disappears with the money. a straight up thief.
    google his name or phone number. years and years of thievery. search his name on calif court records. h..."

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  • Mohawk Flooring

    Mohawk Flooring

    1.0 (6 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling
    • www.mohawkflooring.com

    "Laminate flooring lifting from water damage. Door and room dividers or
    flashing. the floor is very hard to keep clean. I must wash it and then dry with a lg. towel."

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  • Keller Interiors

    Keller Interiors

    1.2 (7 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling
    • www.kellerinteriors.com

    "The Reno NV location is terrible. They do not show up for scheduled installation and do not reach out in regards to why or for an update instead they pass you around all day and hang up on you. They they then tell you someone who..."

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  • Carpeteria


    1.5 (2 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling
    • www.carpeteria.com

    "Just had flooring put in by carpeteria Victorville office. Before choosing this office we had two other companies give us estimates. We went three different times to the Victorville office to ask questions. How does the flooring..."

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  • Bellawood


    2.4 (5 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling
    • www.bellawood.com

    "I have Brazilian cherry floors and have a section maybe 6by 9 that has deep scratches because of the bed I need to know if I sand it where to get the same stain. Can someone please get back to me. My email is manish2425@***.com"

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