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Flooring and Tiling
  • Empire Today

    Empire Today

    3.6 (318 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling

    "Sheila, we always want our customers to be notified as soon as possible if their appointment time needs to be changed or cancelled for any reason, so we’re genuinely sorry to hear about your missed appointment. Thanks for taking..."

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  • Luna Flooring

    Luna Flooring

    3.2 (191 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling

    "SCAM ARTISTS!!! If there was an option to give zero or negative stars I would. I had a salesperson come into my home and tell me that the floors I purchased were waterproof and not water resistant. And that I had a lifetime warran..."

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  • Lumber Liquidators

    Lumber Liquidators

    1.8 (158 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling

    "I was given a sheet telling me that if I spent $3000.00 or more and purchase an installation ,I would receive a$300.00 visa prepaid card. I followed all 3 steps I am still waiting for my card."

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  • Fifty Floor

    Fifty Floor

    1.9 (113 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling

    "The salesperson told me $1,900; she meant $19,000! She had asked if I wanted a discount for getting 12 months interest-free and only 10% down. So, I filled out the online application. When she asked for the 10% down, it was then..."

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  • Floor And Decor

    Floor And Decor

    1.9 (211 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling

    "We first went to a Floor and Decor in La Quinta. There was an inaccurate count of the number of boxes available so we traveled 1 hour to the Moreno Valley branch of this chain. The manager at the La Quinta store had called to..."

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  • National Floors Direct

    National Floors Direct

    1.2 (130 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling

    "The salesman said they were the only company that does subfloor repair/work. I showed him 4 soft spots in the flooring. He said it was not a problem and that he would order 6 sheets of plywood for me, which included $1000 in the..."

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  • TrafficMaster Flooring

    TrafficMaster Flooring

    1.6 (74 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling

    "I installed 28 of the 30 boxes of flooring throughout our home. Now the flooring is not holding up to its warranty of 15 years. And installing all by myself was no walk in the park. Living room, hallway, and three bedrooms. The..."

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  • Congoleum


    1.7 (39 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling

    "How do you clean or even seal it once we have it laid? We didnt get a care instructions with the tile. There are many different cleaners out on the market and we want the one good one cleaner for this floor Thanks"

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  • Shaw Floors

    Shaw Floors

    1.3 (52 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling

    "Color did not come close to matching sample of a wood floor. I offered to eat the fright to send it back and the rep will not agree."

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  • Tarkett


    1.4 (36 reviews)
    • Flooring and Tiling

    "This is in regards to the Tarkett laminate flooring , non water proof sold at Menards. The locking system is crap. The floor will move since the locking system does not work. Doesnt matter if it looks good if the locking system..."

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