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  • Planet Fitness

    Planet Fitness

    2.3 (3,191 reviews)
    • Fitness Centers

    "Planet Fitness decided to take 15 extra dollars out of my personal account after they charged me for my monthly membership and have charged me for my monthly membership every month since Ive been a member Now theyre telling me..."

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  • La Fitness

    La Fitness

    2.0 (815 reviews)
    • Fitness Centers

    "I feel like the pool needs to be cleaned. Until then I will not be using the pool until it's cleaned."

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  • Anytime Fitness

    Anytime Fitness

    1.9 (747 reviews)
    • Fitness Centers

    "No return call , worse costumer service. Burger King is better at costumer service. Rather buy into Planet Fitness."

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  • Youfit Health Clubs

    Youfit Health Clubs

    2.0 (518 reviews)
    • Fitness Centers

    "In short, I paid for a basic membership for one year all at once ($99). During the year, they convinced me to upgrade to the premium membership because they said it would give me access to 'so much more'. I asked if I could..."

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  • LifeTime Fitness

    LifeTime Fitness

    2.1 (365 reviews)
    • Fitness Centers

    "The general manager, Dominic is horrible. The people that answers the phone are no better (but there are a few good and hard workers) and the terrible ones are those that have no answers and or do not know how to direct you. I..."

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  • Fit4Less Canada

    Fit4Less Canada

    2.3 (439 reviews)
    • Fitness Centers

    "This company does not know how to deal with its customers. If you decide to go with them, expect challenges with the equipment breaking on a regular basis, and difficult interactions with the staff (not because of the staff, but b..."

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  • Better Me Fitness

    Better Me Fitness

    3.4 (426 reviews)
    • Fitness Centers

    "I canceled my subscription awhile ago, but I was charged for a renewal. When I went to login to get the contact information, I was told I would have to PAY for a subscription since I did not already have a subscription. Then,..."

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  • Ilovekickboxing


    3.7 (434 reviews)
    • Fitness Centers

    "Formal letter requesting reimbursement has not been acknowledged. I went in on a Minday to hear what it was all about.was advertized as free 6 week challenge. That day I was charged $49 a weekly fee and $197 for membership fee. Yo..."

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  • Snap Fitness

    Snap Fitness

    2.1 (187 reviews)
    • Fitness Centers

    "Theft - continue to steal until you cancel credit card. If have your checking will never stop charging you despite not being member or cancelling your membership. They will continue charging a freeze charge , 2 months payment..."

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  • Retro Fitness

    Retro Fitness

    2.1 (219 reviews)
    • Fitness Centers

    "The gym is closed on regular business days.
    Try to contact Corp or any of the numbers listed on their website, but nobody answers."

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