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  • Afterpay


    2.5 (287 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.afterpay.com

    "Ordered the wrong size shoe it should have been a size 5y but I accidentally ordered a size 3.5y I would really appreciate it if this gets resolved as soon as possible so I can reorder my daughter shoes"

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  • Reloadit


    1.2 (358 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.reloadit.com

    "I was able to load the money onto the site just fine but now that doesnt do me any good until I can transfer the money to MY OWN debit card. Every time I schedule it, I successfully load $0 l. I called customer service and was..."

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  • Cnac Financing

    Cnac Financing

    1.4 (370 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.cnac.com

    "I would like to know how long is it gonna take for me to get my title.I just paid my van off.I tried contacting jd byrider but no success so I'm reaching out to you all."

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  • Credit Karma

    Credit Karma

    1.8 (251 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.creditkarma.com

    "Credit karma responsible for them stealing my email my social security number and adding on bills I did not make"

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  • Kia Motors Finance

    Kia Motors Finance

    1.7 (399 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.kmfusa.com

    "I work for an automotive dealership and we are purchasing a vehicle from customer who was financed through Kia Motors Finance. The vehicle is paid off but lien is still active. Since July 2, 2021 we have been trying to get a lien..."

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  • Progressive Leasing

    Progressive Leasing

    2.8 (369 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • progleasing.com

    "They charge me my entire amount and when I checked again y credit (according to me an my bank account) I do my last payment and receive an email from progressive and tell me was my last payment, now a month ago they charge me the..."

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  • Binomo


    2.4 (219 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • binomo.com

    "ShockedCan you call bach me in hindicall me back my number is 779770**** if is possible I need some help if is possible"

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  • Westlake Financial Services

    Westlake Financial Services

    1.3 (167 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.westlakefinancial.com

    "We are in a pandemic and I have ask for deferment and you guys will not help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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  • Ally Financial

    Ally Financial

    1.4 (281 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.ally.com

    "Do not finance a car thru this company. It was formerly GMAC until they were put out of business for illegal foreclosures and car repossession. You purchase your car in the Unites States but when you ask to speak to someone in..."

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  • Telecheck


    1.1 (107 reviews)
    • Financial Services
    • www.telecheck.com

    "there is no reason for your company to hold my money this long. I was never told what the problem is. case number wrong all kind of BS reasons. have good credit. I am 79 years old and live on social security. this money is out of..."

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