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  • Whataburger


    2.3 (382 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "Your store located on Louisville Avenue in Monroe Louisiana has to be hands-down the slowest service ever performed by a fast food restaurant. Someone should send a representative through the restaurant for a surprise inspection,..."

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  • Braums


    2.4 (386 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "We ordered a meal with shakes. They forgot the shakes, then took 20 more minutes after it had already taken 20 minutes to get our food. Also, they were slow."

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  • KFC South Africa

    KFC South Africa

    1.9 (260 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "The staff in general is good but when it comes to the meat packaging they are horrible. They ALWAYS put too many breast, I ordered 15 pieces, 9 those were breasts the portions don't balance at all. I feel disrespected as a..."

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  • KFC Canada

    KFC Canada

    1.6 (321 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "I have eaten at KFC on a regular basis as has my family for many years.
    I was just made aware that you are now serving Halal chicken and to *** with all the non Muslim customers.
    We will never order from KFC again would rather eat a..."

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  • Krystal Restaurant

    Krystal Restaurant

    1.5 (308 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "I ordered my food to be delivered. They gave you a lot of different options for delivery, one was Krystal itself, so that is the one I chose. My order cost 34 dollars; it was charged to my card, but I never received my food. When..."

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  • Taco Bueno

    Taco Bueno

    1.8 (362 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "Went through the drive-through on Friday night, ordered food, and asked if the salsa was in the bag. They said yes, but when we got home 45 minutes away, half of our order was not there. So only half of my family got to eat...."

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  • Blaze Pizza

    Blaze Pizza

    2.4 (309 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "I was terribly disappointed with the lack of customer service at the 511 South State restaurant. The manager was not a nice person. He was extremely rude and disrespectful to me and the party I was with today, 7/18. He was even..."

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  • Del Taco

    Del Taco

    2.2 (312 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "I need help uploading my points that will not load to my del taco rewards and loyalty program and I've tried multiple times, as well as checked my points history through the mobile app"

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  • Round Table Pizza

    Round Table Pizza

    1.8 (306 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "I ordered a large pepperoni pizza extra cheese. I brought a coupon for $5 off. I didnt get to use the coupon and the pizza didnt have extra cheese. I called the restaurant and they said that it was too bad and I would have to..."

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  • KFC Malaysia

    KFC Malaysia

    1.8 (234 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "Please...! Just shut down kfc at aeon big wangsa maju. Staff very rude - the tall guy wearing grey uniform."

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