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  • Jersey Mikes Subs

    Jersey Mikes Subs

    2.3 (820 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "The company reimbursed the money I spent on a sub I did not get. My roommate went to purchase subs on her birthday for us with money I gave her. The sub was made wrong. My roommate tried to get it right but the jersey Mike's..."

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  • Sonic


    2.3 (635 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "I recently got a job at Sonic at 1113 N Main St Altus OK 73521, and at first, I never had any problems. However, the other day, I went into work and the general manager was there. While I was trying to do my job in the kitchen,..."

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  • Long John Silvers

    Long John Silvers

    1.9 (842 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "Screw all of you, why the heck do you have a number on the website and you all don't answer? That's pretty stupid. I drive a long way to get this food and all my stuff is wrong, you got my order wrong! Come on now, that's messed..."

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  • Checkers Drive In

    Checkers Drive In

    2.2 (587 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "I placed an online order and when I arrived, the order was not available on the screen. They suggested that perhaps I had entered the wrong address."

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  • Tim Hortons

    Tim Hortons

    2.2 (474 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "the dozen donuts I bought were so stale they were inedible. Why???Tim Hortons says they pride themselves on fresh food and coffee. This is not what I got at the Tim HOrtons Hwy 97N Front street Quesnel BC. Awful awful food that..."

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  • Huddle House

    Huddle House

    2.1 (534 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "The cook and waiter did an excellent job. While we were there. But we was the only one there. After we pay out I can see why way too high"

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  • Culvers


    2.4 (559 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "Usually screw up the order. Not as good as it was 10-15 years ago. Used to be juicy and flavorful, now usually dry and bland. Used to have to wipe my chin after every bite. Since they have expanded across the country its really..."

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  • Cook Out

    Cook Out

    2.4 (489 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "I ordered 2 cookout trays and 2 shakes. I didn't get my shakes and. The trays were wrong. If. You guys could remake my order or refund me I would greatly appreciate it"

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  • Churchs Chicken

    Churchs Chicken

    1.9 (421 reviews)
    • Fast Food


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  • Chick Fil A

    Chick Fil A

    2.8 (353 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "Good evening,
    I'm reaching out to inform yall that ive sent an letter from my son. He wanted to invite you to help celebrate his birthday .
    He enjoys chick fil a so much that he refuses to eat anything but chicken! We hope to hear b..."

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