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  • Burger King

    Burger King

    1.9 (1,519 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "My wife and I went to store #21378 on 7/15/2024 at 5:35 PM. We had coupon #4194. After we paid at the window, we moved to the window to get our food. The young lady opened the window and gave us our drinks. The first one had its..."

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  • Hardees


    1.9 (1,464 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "I have a complaint about the general manager at Hardee's on West bypass and Chestnut she just let me go due to me informing her that I had car trouble and I was on my way and I was in a holding cell due to not my problem somebody..."

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  • Wendys


    2.0 (1,293 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "Wendy's in Sierra Vista AZ got a simple order wrong twice!!! When I
    ask for the drinks the kid behind the counter said "it ain't my fault dawg"
    I told him that was rude and he said I was the one being rude. Another kid who claimed t..."

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  • Marcos Pizza

    Marcos Pizza

    2.3 (1,626 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "Hello. For the second time in a year, I had a really bad experience at two different locations. The first time was about a year ago. It was so bad I swore I'd never return to that location and I haven't. I sent a complaint and..."

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  • Panda Express

    Panda Express

    2.1 (1,446 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "Mgr had a bad attitude I had to wait for my food when it was ready she continued to ignore me. I asked about my order that I had paid for. Mgr thought I had ordered something else. She never offered apology simply rude. I asked wa..."

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  • Wingstop


    1.8 (1,320 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "Store closed at 6p.m during Hurricane Beryl Ive went to the store and was told I will get a refund, still have yet to receive a refund."

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  • Bojangles


    1.9 (1,175 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "Upon noticing the location didnt have a lot of car outside I didnt think I would have an issue as previous visits, was told after paying for my order that they didnt have my complete order and I had to wait 13 minutes on chicken..."

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  • Jimmy Johns

    Jimmy Johns

    2.3 (1,068 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "The order was wrong. The store manager and employee were extremely rude. Customer service didn't even answer. Stay away from the Madison Ave Covington KY store. I'll never order again."

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  • Arbys


    2.2 (1,143 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "Payment method not working on app. And I even uninstalled it a few times. Idk? What else to do. Even restarted.y phone. ."

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  • Papa Johns Pizza

    Papa Johns Pizza

    2.0 (840 reviews)
    • Fast Food

    "Dear Sir/Ma'am, From a Live Delivery Driver - Send this to where it must go
    I've worked for Papa Johns for going on 7 Years as a Driver and a Prep Expert.
    The Franchise Address: 3608 Harden Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33803 has been good to..."

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