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  • Dodger Stadium

    Dodger Stadium

    2.5 (27 reviews)
    • Event Venues
    • www.elysianparkstadium.com

    "Good morning my name is a Chris Long I am a disabled Veteran and I was treated severely bad by security and escorted out for not telling on who was smoking. I was treated horrible in front of my friend and child. 818 714 ****. I..."

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  • Pepsi Center

    Pepsi Center

    1.6 (5 reviews)
    • Event Venues
    • www.pepsicenter.com

    "Your vending machine accepted my dollar bill, gave the 25 cents change; but not the bottled water or return of the 75 cents. The website let me fill out the form but didn't accept my data when I hit submit. There is NO ONE to..."

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  • Ruoff Music Center

    Ruoff Music Center

    2.0 (5 reviews)
    • Event Venues
    • www.livenation.com

    "Perfect example, all this crap to file a complaint ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????"

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  • Butlins


    2.8 (5 reviews)
    • Event Venues
    • www.butlins.com

    "We have booked two rooms at the Hotel in Bogner Regis in early May 2023. unfortunately I have deleted the confirmation email. could you please confirm the dates.
    Many thanks Geoff Scoynes and Hayley Smith."

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  • Busch Stadium

    Busch Stadium

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Event Venues

    "I am over 60 years old. I attended the game on Monday with a see-through old rams bag. I was not allowed to enter and told to return the bag to my car. It was extremely hot that night. As I was on my way toy car I saw a lady with..."

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  • Value City Arena

    Value City Arena

    • Event Venues
    • www.schottensteincenter.com

    "Hi me and my wife took our 6 year old girl to Value city area/JSC thrusday night to the Lady GaGa concert as a birthday present.at the start of Lady Gaga singing i lifted my daughter on to my shoulders where have way threw the..."

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  • The Club at Ruby Hill

    The Club at Ruby Hill

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Event Venues
    • www.rubyhill.com

    "Price and pretty location not living up to expectations as a result of staff or training or lack of management attention?
    Arcis golf is the parent company and needs to step up to the plate to live up to its "billing of a high end"..."

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  • Hershey Entertainment

    Hershey Entertainment

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Event Venues
    • www.hersheyentertainment.com

    "Security guards yelling out to people to pull up your mask over your nose!! Yelling at people to put masks on and coming up to me and demanding I wear a mask when I'm MEDICALLY EXEMPT. Period. Security took name and reported me...."

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  • Amway Center

    Amway Center

    1.0 (2 reviews)
    • Event Venues
    • www.amwaycenter.com

    "Good evening,
    I ran into a situation with a bartender on the Thursday of the Roger waters show. The amount was about 32.00. Basically, I was pulling out my wallet for a cash tip. Once I clicked zero for tip on my card, she started..."

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  • Wells Fargo Center

    Wells Fargo Center

    3.4 (1 review)
    • Event Venues
    • www.wellsfargocenterphilly.com

    "Purchased tickets for concert at Wells Fargo center in Philadelphia owned by Comcast in March, venue changed and now its at another venue - supposed to get an email with new tickets for the new venue or option to get refund- the..."

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