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  • Yard Machines

    Yard Machines

    2.3 (24 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.mtdproducts.com

    "Mower never fixed. Stillsitting on the side of my house waiting for a new carberator. I would advise shoppers never buy the mower I did unless you don't mind buying a new one every year.you can't depend on the warranty to fix it"

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  • Porter Cable

    Porter Cable

    1.7 (41 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.portercable.com

    "I am Sundar meri ID per 4 second lag rahe hain aur mere ko 7 hafte ho gaye hain customer care ka koi bhi sunvaee nahin hai aur na hi call I hai please check your ID meri DL 1lp 6037 eco gadi hai mere pass please dekh Lo ek bar..."

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  • Everbilt


    1.8 (40 reviews)
    • Equipment

    "I had to change three doors in a client's house to fire rated doors with self closing hinges one of the doors closed properly by the hinge two doors open the door rather than closing the door don't understand why I have the Allen..."

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  • Gokarts USA

    Gokarts USA

    1.5 (19 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • gokartsusa.com

    "Carbon steel doorway gym bar ka size kam h mujhe replace krvana h
    Size increase krke send kr do
    I have to replace
    With new size (110 cm)"

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  • Easy Climber

    Easy Climber

    1.4 (36 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.easyclimber.com

    "elevator was installed in august 2018. i was impressed with the installer kenny cloughley from harrisonville mo area. loved it until a month ago as it got a few inches from floor it just dropped and the door would not open,..."

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  • Armor All

    Armor All

    1.9 (29 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.armorall.com

    "I get things not working like they are supposed to. Hence, why there is some kind of warranty on things we buy. What I do not get is when it does not work, getting in touch with customer service should be easier. Google is not whe..."

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  • KTool


    1.5 (36 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.ktool.net

    "I have tried to get up with yall for a week and I need to send back a part I yall will not get back with me and on top of that I payed 20$ for fast shipping and it did not come in until the date that the standard shipping was"

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  • Acorn Stairlifts

    Acorn Stairlifts

    1.7 (31 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.acornstairlifts.com

    "Bought an acorn lemon stair lift for my critically ill husband in 2015.
    My husband passed away in 2016 and probably use the stair lift three or four times before it stopped working. Over the last several years I have had numerous r..."

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  • Billions And Trillions

    Billions And Trillions

    2.9 (27 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.billionsandtrillionsinc.com

    "Last week I learned that my original to the car hood hinges on my classic car wouldn't be repaired for more than a month, and I needed to get my car out of the shop the next week, where I had some other repairs being done. I..."

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  • Alien Tape

    Alien Tape

    1.3 (28 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.tryalientape.com

    "Used the tape to hold down 4 kitchen rugs. After a few months tried to remove the rugs to wash. Destroyed the rugs trying to lift off the tape. Took an hour to remove the tape from the tiled floor. Would not use this product ever..."

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