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  • Northern Tool And Equipment

    Northern Tool And Equipment

    2.0 (146 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.northerntool.com

    "Tried to purchase Stonegate Tall Andirondeck chair online advertised price shows $59.99 and free shipping. However after you add to cart and checkout price jumps to regular price of $149.99. Called customer service and they..."

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  • Stihl


    1.9 (133 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.stihl.com

    "Saul blew up within 41 minutes of use. Saul was checked gas was properly mixed. Over 37 days ago and product has not been fixed and returned to me under warranty nor have I been reimbursed yet. Also dealer tells me that they..."

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  • Ryobi Tools

    Ryobi Tools

    2.3 (166 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.ryobitools.com

    "Do not purchase the 40v battery powered pole saw. The handle in front of the battery broke off and the pole shot up hitting me in the face and causing lacerations with bleeding and swelling. This could have been much worse had I..."

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  • Ariens


    1.8 (93 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.ariens.com

    "I have only my mower for 4 years, had regular maintenance and everything. All of a sudden it just wouldn't go forward. Found out it was leaking fluid and the transmission was broke! I know people that have had mowers for 20 years..."

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  • Smart Start

    Smart Start

    1.5 (143 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.smartstartinc.com

    "I am so frustrated, I don't know where to begin.
    My dealings with this company has been a nightmare, and it continues."

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  • Briggs And Stratton

    Briggs And Stratton

    1.5 (98 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.briggsandstratton.com

    "If I could give zero stars I would. I am having to rent a mower because mine is still under warranty and blew up. They agreed to fix it, but are taking forever to send an engine to our local dealer who is fixing it. It has been..."

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  • Ace Hardware

    Ace Hardware

    2.0 (138 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.acehardware.com

    "I will never shop at an ace hardware again thanks to your new port Richey Florida store area code 34655 . Ive never in my life felt so judged and harassed. First time in the store and three workers one including the manager..."

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  • SWEngines


    1.6 (107 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.swengines.com

    "Fraud, stay away! I bought a used 6.6L LB7 Duramax diesel engine with an advertised mileage of 93,000 miles. What showed up is an engine with 293,000 miles. They refuse to refund a portion of the purchase price and they refuse to..."

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  • Toro


    1.7 (109 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.toro.com

    "Your Protection Plan is totally worthless. I was promised by "Bob" to cover $75 transportation fees as my mower needed a flat tyre repaired and it's annual maintenance. "TJ" told me the machine is still under warranty so whatever..."

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  • Kubota


    1.6 (103 reviews)
    • Equipment
    • www.kubota.com

    "I cannot find a Kubota employee who will have an honest conversation about the subject, rather they try to make it look like I dont know what Im talking about. One employee actually said to me: you dont need the brakes...unless yo..."

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