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  • Zagg


    2.0 (68 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.zagg.com

    "I received my new Keyboard today, I hope you received the broke one. Thank you so much for your excellent service.
    Crystal Hudson"

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  • Bell And Howell

    Bell And Howell

    1.6 (60 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • bellhowell.com

    "None of this present garbage offered for sale under the Bell &;;;;;; Howell monicker is affiliated or associated with that old venerable company. The name was purchased and is now used to market cheap junk made to dupe people..."

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  • Zoook


    2.1 (45 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • zoook.com

    "Bought a zoook speaker I have warrenty for it it's not working customer service is not responding to me"

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  • Inno Gadgets

    Inno Gadgets

    1.2 (52 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • inno-gadget.com

    "We place an order on the 31/08/2020 and it has be confirmed Order Number #H34587
    After several emails which has been send no reply back. If Inno Gadgets can't send my item can they refund me back. It is almost 9months which order h..."

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  • GolfBuddy


    1.9 (50 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.golfbuddyglobal.com

    "My GB voice 2 got damp in a game and has not functioned since! I contacted there third party customer service who did respond, however no proof of purchase no action, just a recommendation to buy a new product through a link they..."

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  • Western Digital

    Western Digital

    1.7 (54 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.westerndigital.com

    "I bought an SSD external hard drive from western digital online store. It was defective. Over heating Alamo burned my hand. I called their customer service in India. I was on hold for 4 hours at the end they didnt do anything. I..."

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  • Winnergear


    1.4 (56 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • winnergear.com

    "i returned my massage gun under warranty. I was told you would refund my money. as of today I have not received anything. please explain why"

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  • Wyze Labs

    Wyze Labs

    2.5 (63 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • wyze.com

    "I have outdoor cam centered on my driveway and 99% of the time it doesn't start recording until the person that actually pulls up in the driveway is out of view of the camera. I mean actually pull in, get out of car and walks..."

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  • Blu Products

    Blu Products

    2.0 (49 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.bluproducts.com

    "Just got this phone, apps that used to work on this phone (about a month ago) no longer work and when they try to open other apps it says "android system crashed". I reset the phone now it's even worse, more problems with other..."

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  • Staples Canada

    Staples Canada

    1.5 (52 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.staples.ca

    "I purchase a epson printer back in 2019 I so not have the receipt as it was part of my belonging that the movers refuse to release to me. I need this receipt so I can go after the movers in court."

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