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  • TrackR


    2.0 (84 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.thetrackr.com

    "I need 2 new batteries for me and my husbands TrackR and the app wont work. Thank you.
    Address: 3008 Red Bird Lane, Grapevine, TX 76051"

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  • ClickInks


    1.6 (73 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.clickinks.com

    "Trying to get a refund, and its not working,purchased inks from this company, and the inks jammed up my printer, when I called customer service to get the ink sent back I got nothing but grief and excuses, they say they have 100%..."

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  • Ezeedeals


    1.3 (49 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.ezeedeals.in

    "I am already paid amount bt still date not received my order"

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  • Techrabbit


    2.6 (97 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.techrabbit.com

    "You guys took money off card and i dont know what its for to me it seem that you did a card fraud you can call me at 678396**** ps how did u get my inumber to my carddont trust them"

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  • ZTE


    1.8 (74 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.zteusa.com

    "My brother got on my phone when I wasent around and changed my password so I cant get in it. What can I do"

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  • N1 Wireless

    N1 Wireless

    1.9 (64 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.n1wireless.com

    "Logged 10 service requests in their system with a warranty plan and they never responded. Ended up purchasing another phone since they won't fix the one I bought with a warranty plan."

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  • BattDepot


    1.8 (47 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.battdepot.com

    "I will appreciate a replacement of items or refund, Having
    confirmed that UPS had send a resolution since 22/09/2020"

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  • Caseable


    1.9 (56 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • caseable.com

    "When I told the operator that there's
    no section to enter the passcode.
    I was advised to fill out a form and send a dollar to caseable.com
    I was told on QVC that the case was

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  • TomTom


    1.9 (60 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.tomtom.com

    "Acquired a Tomtom from my son which is a 25 which he had bought for him Christmas 2019 he has not used it for various reasons connected to Covid so I have attempted to use it but cannot create an account so that I cant get signed..."

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  • Kobo


    2.1 (55 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.kobo.com

    "This is the message i get when i try downloading my book from my library to my
    Kobo Clara HD PLS HELP"

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