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  • Otterbox


    2.2 (277 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.otterbox.com

    I was not aggravated up till now. I need to get the product I am ordering next day or Sunday morning and I dont see the options in my cart to do that. It only says its free shipping. I need an answer right now"

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  • ThePhotoStick


    1.4 (198 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.thephotostick.com

    "PhotoStick scans my MacBook Pro but does not save any photos. Tried various combinations as per setting. Still no luck."

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  • Netgear


    1.5 (214 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.netgear.com

    "We had a power outage and then the power came back on and we attempted to connect the internet to the TV and it did not work."

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  • Tecno Mobile

    Tecno Mobile

    2.8 (104 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • tecno-mobile.com

    "I was robbed,and my Android Tecno pop 3 plus was stolen,I want it to be blocked by the IMEI number,so it will be useless to the robber"

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  • Nabi


    1.8 (175 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.nabitablet.com

    "Hi everyone, good morning. So when I was..Why did my nabi.Tablet nothing worked. It didn't say nothing like it came in the box..And it says no Internet connection on the bottom. The Internet is wrong with the date or the Internet..."

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  • Garmin


    2.2 (179 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.garmin.com

    "I got the wrong product and need to return it I want an handheld product I can charge in my home and take on the boat when we go out"

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  • Brother


    2.1 (199 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.brother-usa.com

    "I cannot get my printer to work with my phone when I call customer service first they said I needed to spend $300 to clean out my phone apparently they said I had spyware that was preventing it this turned out not to be true when..."

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    4.4 (218 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.magfast.com

    "Hi Janice. It looks like our customer support team already took care of this for you. Email us at Hello@MAGFAST.com if you need further assistance. Thank you!"

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  • Logitech


    1.9 (124 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.logitech.com

    "I cannot login because of the password and email. I do not know how how to fix it. I am not allowed to have access."

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  • Gazelle


    1.5 (131 reviews)
    • Gadgets and Accessories
    • www.gazelle.com

    "I purchased an Apple iPhone from these pirates and it was shipped to me locked. I called them numerous time for help and they referred to an Apple store. The Apple store said I must get the lock code from the seller/Gage- Zella...."

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