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  • EvilControllers


    2.4 (22 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.evilcontrollers.com

    "I bought a controller and it was great for about a year. No issues. All my game stats went up. Loved it. Then it had an issue. No big deal, emailed customer service and they sent out a label right away. I even ordered a second..."

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  • Goanimate


    2.2 (21 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • goanimate.com

    "Kindly help me someone steal and use my MasterCard ending 9436 in your website bill value 80.10 usd on Wednesday 2021-07-21 23:40:06 Kuwait time i called my bank to stop this transaction"

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  • Play N Trade

    Play N Trade

    1.4 (6 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.playntrade.com

    "You think gamestop trade in credit is bad this place is even worst than gamestop the price for game is very high and you get nothing for your games that to bad this place got great selection of game
    The employees are ok when come t..."

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  • Dodgers


    2.2 (15 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.mlb.com

    "I ordered 2 seats for my dad and i to a dodgers game. Instead we got 2 seats on a wooden bench that can barely fit us both with everyone else on the bench. If i knew i was getting wooden bench seats u wouldn't of wasted my time..."

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  • Time Life

    Time Life

    1.5 (22 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.timelife.com

    "No email with tracking and order info. No hope of English communication with customer service. Customer service wants your address and billing information. They will ask for everything except a stool sample. Ill not ever order..."

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  • Live Nation Entertainment

    Live Nation Entertainment

    1.4 (18 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.livenationentertainment.com

    "I was not allowed to use my parking pass. I had talk to someone prior the concert and was told if they scanned it it would work. I sat out for an hour talking to someone at the venue."

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  • Precision Dating

    Precision Dating

    2.4 (5 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.myprecisiondating.com

    "No One will help you. Even Michelle at Palm Beach county will not do anything. Precision Dating made off with our money and no one will help us."

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  • 7Th Avenue Costumes

    7Th Avenue Costumes

    2.2 (14 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.7thavenuecostumes.com

    "The inner metal plate was not there and I need a new one to fix the dog crate. Please send me a replacement."

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  • Hunt A Killer

    Hunt A Killer

    1.9 (16 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.huntakiller.com

    "When I called, I got a message with an abrupt hangup. I changed my address 2 days before it shipped and you still shipped it to the old address. I'm handycapped and can't just jump in my car and go to the old address to find a..."

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  • Playster


    1.6 (16 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.playster.com

    "The website is always under maintenance or error retrieving data. I am billed every month, but I am not able to use it. I want to cancel my subscription."

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