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  • Plasmanet


    3.0 (20 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • plasmanetinc.com

    "need to get ba hold of ann t petters urgant communacation systeam has been used by the rong group never receaved equipmant or any help most get mellitary up an going avery person that has been plugged in to equipmant has to be..."

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  • Horizon Hobby

    Horizon Hobby

    2.2 (31 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.horizonhobbyllc.com

    "The truck was great till the three day mark the first time I took it to the park in public it stops turning and shut off and was trying to come back on till the Esc started to smoke so I pulled the battery connector and walk of sh..."

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  • Hobbyking


    2.2 (49 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • hobbyking.com

    "I need to speak with someone about the functions im having issues getting the reading for the nihm after the charge is done"

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  • FilmLush


    1.0 (13 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.filmlush.com

    "I want a refund I haven’t used this site and it has taken money from me"

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  • The Walt Disney Company

    The Walt Disney Company

    1.7 (29 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • thewaltdisneycompany.com

    "I had a gift card issued from Disney in 2021. The amount was for 1000. This was given to me when i cancelled a trip to Disney because Covid had hit.. They refunded my down payment on a gift card..Well today I was looking into trip..."

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  • Front Row Tickets

    Front Row Tickets

    3.3 (43 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • frontrowtickets.com

    "I am very disappointed! I checked and double-checked the FrontRowTickets website to make sure the shows were running at the time I can arrive there.
    I even checked again and it was still showing 2:00 start times for many shows.

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  • Blockbuster


    1.0 (1 review)
    • Entertainment
    • www.blockbuster.com

    "7.00 dollar movies that dont even play!! Or just stop play "

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  • William Hill

    William Hill

    1.7 (28 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • sports.williamhill.com

    "A bet my uncle put on was dismissed even though he has trouble writing as ge gets the shakes from his illness, he is one of their regular customers and they settled it as a loser even though when its dogs he tells them what it..."

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  • World Poker Tour

    World Poker Tour

    1.6 (29 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.worldpokertour.com

    "Aces More than half the 'FLOPS' feature an ACE. And, if an Ace is not part of the 'FLOP' there is still a high percentage of times that an Ace will hit the board on 4th street or the RIVER. VERY...VERY...VERY FRUSTRATING because..."

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  • Pushplay


    1.4 (13 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.pushplay.com

    "I called to cancel my subscription and it said my card not on file but they took 2.95 off my card"

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