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  • Google Play

    Google Play

    2.2 (1,058 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • play.google.com

    "I have tried over and over again to contact Google Play and they always send me to the website. I can never actually talk to anyone and that is *** me off. I have so many unauthorized purchases on my account and they won't do..."

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  • Cooking Club Of America

    Cooking Club Of America

    1.5 (381 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.cookingclub.com

    "Is the club still in business? I miss it. Im a life time member can you please tell me what is going on? I sure would appreciate it. I would like a phone call its to hard to write everything. Would you please call me@ 734-237-****..."

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  • Spotify


    2.0 (156 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.spotify.com

    "Claims of screaming fraud. Spotify pulled our new single #Social Dictum based on unproven claims. However, it is believed that this is their attempt to censor these artists."

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  • Ellen Degeneres

    Ellen Degeneres

    3.4 (130 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.ellentube.com

    "I am still waiting for response to my order for Ellen Boxers that were ordered on 8/16/2021. Order #354266 has not arrived but the order was paid on 8/17/2021. When will I get my order?"

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  • Harrahs


    2.0 (169 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.caesars.com

    "Because they did some foul stuff And charged me $42 for valet parking when I had no clue about that and Im a platinum member so Im not supposed to be charged anything and I put my card in the vallet machine and it still charges..."

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  • Casting360


    1.3 (108 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • casting360.com

    "I mail the check &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; you send a thank you.....no books...........PLEASE, this is my very best company........Take care of this, please...the check clear the bank, s0 I would like my bookright rigrihtnow.!!"

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  • Sky Zone

    Sky Zone

    1.9 (124 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.skyzone.com

    "I had a pair of sky zone SUNGLASSES. Unfortunately, there was a defect in the lens on one side. They offered to replace it with a poor quality pair of glasses that were clear and won't help me when i am driving on a sunny day.
    I ca..."

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  • Hobbytron


    1.8 (32 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.hobbytron.com

    "Ordered on 15 December nothing received so far, no reply to email, tracking number doesnt work, money taken day after order so wasted money so far! I was looking forward to giving the hobytron to my youngest grandson for his..."

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  • Dafabet


    2.0 (63 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.dafabet.com

    "Withdrawal not received my account in four days.
    Why problem with not send amount this is not correct to help customers"

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  • FandangoNOW


    1.7 (92 reviews)
    • Entertainment
    • www.fandangonow.com

    "I had purchased a total of 216 movies from Fandangonow and when they made the switch to VUDU I now show 114 movies in my library. WHY? Where are they? Had I known one day I would lose half of my movies at no fault of my own I..."

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